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Mega Man 7 features a variety of items, both permanent and consumable, to help you on your way. Pressing Select on the stage select screen will bring you to Big Eddie's, where Auto can build things for you using bolts. All items at Big Eddie's are findable in stages for free. Finding Eddie's Hyperbolt in one of the stages will cut the price of items in half and allow Eddie to build a wider selection of items. Prices for items will be listed in brackets next to the item names.

Mega Man 7 screenshot - Items, Upgrades, and Big Eddie's Shop


Health Energy - These come in small and large varieties, with large ones refilling more of your life meter. Enemies can drop these randomly.

Weapon Energy - These also come in two sizes. They'll refill some weapon energy for the weapon you currently have equipped. Watch out for the ones enemies drop from time to time.

Bolt - You guessed it. Big ones are worth more than small ones, and enemies can drop them. Give these to Auto to have him build items for you.

1up (40, 20 with Hyperbolt) - These look like Mega Man's head. Collect one to gain a life. You can only carry 9. Enemies can drop these randomly, but they very rarely do.

E-Tank (60, 30 with Hyperbolt) - These rare items are very useful. You can carry them with you in your menu, and they can completely restore your health at any time. Save these for when you're in a tight spot. They're actually more rare and valuable than lives. You can carry up to 4.

W-Tank (100, 50 with Hyperbolt) - Like E-Tanks, except they refill all of your weapon energy. Even more rare than E-Tanks. You can carry 4 at once.

S-Tank (80 with Hyperbolt) - You can only carry one of these, and it's even rarer than the other two tanks. It completely refills your health and all of your weapon energy.

Beat's Whistle (80, 40 with Hyperbolt) - After freeing Beat from his cage in Slash Man's stage, he'll save you if you fall into a pit up to four times. Buy this at Auto's shop to refill your counter. You can see how many whistles you have left in the pause menu.


Hyperbolt - Find this in Spring Man's stage. Give it to Auto to cut the cost of his stock in half, and add a lot of useful new items for purchase.

Exit (200, 100 with Hyperbolt) - This can be found in Freeze Man's stage. It will let you exit any level you've already cleared. Great when backtracking for missed upgrades.

Rush Coil - You actually have this by default, but this is as good a place to talk about it as any. Summons your faithful robot dog Rush with a spring in his back, so jumping on him will let you leap high into the air to reach otherwise unreachable platforms.

Rush Jet (120 with Hyperbolt) - Find this in Junk Man's stage. Turns Rush into a platform with a jet on it, letting him fly to the left or right until he hits an obstacle. You can slightly raise or lower the platform by holding Up or Down.

Rush Search (120 with Hyperbolt) - Find this in Freeze Man's stage. It will let Rush seek out items in the ground. He can find some really rare things (like the Exit or Energy Equalizer) or exceptionally large Health, Weapon Energy, or Bolts that are worth more than the ones you'll find normally.

Energy Equalizer (240 with Hyperbolt) - This can be found in Shade Man's stage. If you're not using a weapon that has less than max energy, any weapon energy you pick up will go to whatever weapon currently has the lowest amount.

Letters R, U, S, and H - Find one of each of these in the first four Robot Master stages. Collecting them all will earn you the Super Adaptor, which will let you wear Rush as a suit of armour. This will replace your charged shot with a powerful rocket punch, and allow you go fly a short distance by pressing B in the air.

Hyper Rocket Buster (800 with Hyperbolt) - Can be found in Turbot Man's stage for free. Replaces the Super Adaptor's rocket punch with a more powerful version with longer range and homing capabilities.

Proto Shield - Find Proto Man in the stages of Cloud Man, Turbo Man, and Shade Man to fight him. (You must find him all three times without using a password. Loading your game with a password will "reset" him.) Defeat him to win his shield. When you have his shield equipped, you'll block certain attacks by standing still. On the down side, you can't move and shoot very well.

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