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After a whopping six games in the original Mega Man series on the NES, and the then-new-and-improved Mega Man X on the SNES, Capcom was ready to go back to its roots, and bring the original Blue Bomber to Nintendo's 16-bit system.

Mega Man 7 screenshot - Basics


B - Jump
Down + B - Slide
Y - Shoot/Special Weapon/Hold for charged shots
L/R - Cycle through special weapons
START - Pause/Menu


Dr. Wily was arrested after the events of Mega Man 6, but after a few months behind bars, his contingency plan went into effect. A brand new set of Robot Masters were activated to bust him out of Future Jail, and now he's at large once more.

Special Weapons and Items

Defeating one of the Robot Masters will earn you one of its weapons. These weapons are powerful and have special properties, but can only be used a limited number of times before you'll need to collect weapon energy to recharge them.

Each boss is weak to at least one weapon from a Robot Master. Traditionally, you'd figure out enemy weaknesses through trial and error, but who has time for that in this busy modern world? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Mega Man 7 screenshot - Basics

You'll also find some handy tools to help you deal with obstacles and platforming. These things are all completely missable in this game, but luckily, you have this guide to help you out.


Mega Man 7 screenshot - Basics

Saving your progress in Mega Man 7 is handled through passwords. If you're actually playing this game on a SNES like some kind of cave person, you'll want to write them down as you clear stages. If you're playing the Virtual Console version or the version found in Mega Man Anniversary Collection, you'll be able to use a more traditional save system.

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