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You've just left a challenging stage behind you, but there are still some harrowing gauntlets ahead of you, and you'll find a number of them in this next stage.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

You'll begin this stage at the base of a vertical shaft. Overhead, enemies roam along brickwork, and you can ascend on the room's left or right side.

Take whichever ladder is convenient on the lower level in the room, but take the left of the two upper ladders and climb it into the next screen while you have a shot charging. When you arrive, quickly head left from the top of the ladder and use your charged shot to eliminate the enemy when it raises its shield, then jump to the ladder beyond it to avoid a shot coming your way from the enemy to the right. Now ascend the ladder into another screen.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

Flying enemies will approach from the right. Let them, and take them out with charged shots when they are at your level. Then use Rush Coil to reach the top of a wall ahead of you. Continue right from there and tend to more of the floating enemies, along with the hardhat enemies riding miniature locomotives that you should recall from Charge Man's stage.

At the far right side of that area, drop through an opening and now you're in a room with small platforms that have belts along them. Spiked orbs rotate around them, so jump to the belts quickly when the path is clear and use them to reach the ladder to your lower left. Then descend it.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

You're at one of the tricky parts of the stage now. To the right, there are more of the conveyor platforms, and nasty spike blocks hang overhead. You have to drop to the first one and then hop along subsequent ones, pressing right so that you're able to make the leaps. At the same time, you need to avoid jumping too high, which is fatal thanks to the spikes.

To complicate matters, enemies will fly toward you as you advance. They're not all that dangerous, except they're distracting and can mess with your timing. Take them out with charged shots so they don't knock you back, and keep advancing until you reach the far side of the area. There, you can climb a ladder to an overhead chamber.

Here, you'll find a series of the enemies that like to produce crystals and send them flying your way. You can position yourself just shy of the top of the ladder and fire charged shots at each subsequent foe, allowing you to strike them without having to fear the crystals that should fly just over your head. If you need to refuel, you can take out all three in this manner and then head back down the ladder that allowed you to access the room, into the previous screen. Then return and take out the enemies again, as desired, until you're ready to actually advance.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

In this next area, you'll find a couple of weak enemies. One just sits on the wall and drops pebbles, and the other is a flying sentry. Take them out with charged shots and proceed to the right, where you'll encounter more enemies of the same sort. Then you'll reach a series of three long, purple ledges you can slide along.

If you slide beneath the lowest of those, you can zip toward the right and grab an E-Tank, but there are spikes just after it. You can grab the tank and then quickly veer back left to avoid death. Then you can return to the right by running along the top of the purple ledges. It's an easy drop from there down a spike-lined pit in the next room.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

Use the Rush Jet to cross over to a ledge and collect an extra life here, if you wish, before dropping down through the next opening.

Here, you'll need to advance along a corridor with large purple columns. Between each one, there are green enemies positioned along the ceiling. As you get near, they drop and fire shots, but you can return the favor with charged shots of your own and quickly eliminate them. Press past those foes and then jump to a ladder that you can climb into the next screen.

Now you are very nearly to the end of the stage. There are some hardhat enemies in mobile turrets, so take them out with charged shots when they expose themselves. Grab the energy capsule if you need it, as well, and climb the ladder. Then make your way along a corridor that is filled with floating red pod enemies, as well as tigers. As long as you don't let any of them knock you into a pit, you should have little trouble advancing to the far right side of the area, where you'll find the gate that leads to the local boss.


Delightfully, you'll now find yourself facing one of the easiest bosses in the game, though he can still kill you if you're careless.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Stage Two

Enter the arena with your arm cannon shot charged, and wait until your foe starts toward you. Then you can unleash the blast. Note that he has barriers that circle around him, which deflect your shots if they are positioned between you and your foe, but which otherwise don't accomplish much of anything.

For the remainder of the fight, you need to simply avoid your foe as he walks back and forth, trying to bump into you. He moves slowly enough that it's easy to jump over him and slide away, then turn and get in a shot or two before you repeat the process while headed in the opposite direction. Charged shots with the arm cannon will do the job just fine, and you might very well win the day without taking any damage at all. Do keep in mind, though, that he seems to move faster as you drain his life meter, and he'll sometimes stop short which can cause you to jump into him if you timed one of your jumps incorrectly. Still, it really should be an easy fight.

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