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Some dangerous jumps await you in Star Man's stage, where gravity is less predictable than normal and spikes line low ceilings, but overall, it's still a relatively simple stage with a boss who will succumb quickly to your arm cannon.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star ManMega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

You appear in front of some satellites. From there, head to the right and you'll find yourself caught in a shower of meteors. They tend to come in groups of three at a time, and there's typically enough space between them that you can progress cautiously and likely come out the other end of the gauntlet without taking any damage.

At the end of that run, you'll drop through an opening to an underground area. To your left, there's a red pod with eyes, watching you. As you approach, it'll drop to your level and fire shots, so maybe jump and hit it with a charged shot before you advance. That takes care of one problem. Then you can drop to the lower level and use charged shots to take care of the green turrets that emerge when you are on their level.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star ManMega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

Head right along that lower passage and you'll come to more of the red pods and the green turrets, now joined by a spike-lined ceiling. Remember to jump carefully as you pile over barriers here, as a reckless jump will lead to instant death on the spike-lined ceiling. Small taps are the way to go as you advance.

You'll eventually reach another opening, when you can fall through to arrive in a lower room. Here, there are patrolling pods with propellers, traveling back and forth along the screen. They'll fire shots at you, so take out the top one and descend quickly to avoid giving the lower one a chance. Watch out for the spikes near the center of the screen, though.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star ManMega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

On the next screen, head right and slide under a low ceiling. Beyond that point, you'll see that more spikes line the roof. The letter M rests near those spikes. Position yourself carefully and perform a high jump to snag it while avoiding the spikes to its left and right, and above it. Enemies are plentiful here, so you can also let one damage you as you leap so that you'll be temporarily invincible and the spikes won't hurt you, if you like, though that's also risky.

After snagging the letter, proceed carefully to the right. The enemies in this area are hardhat enemies with jetpacks that move pretty quickly, and the floating turrets with propellers that shoot at you. They can actually make it easier to cross the spikes, since otherwise you have to manage some fairly precise hops and it's easy to dash yourself against the spikes. Remember also that sometimes you can slide quickly to cross gaps when the spikes are a concern. Once you reach the far side of the corridor, take out some more buried turrets and then climb the ladder.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star ManMega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

In the next room, some rockets will fly in from the left. Take out the lowest one with a charged shot as you head left. Any shells that escape you will hit the wall on the right side of the chamber and burst apart, so watch out for debris as you climb to yet another overhead area.

Here, proceed carefully to the right, again mindful of the generous spike placement. Eliminate turrets as you go, and when you pass into the next screen, you'll find yourself facing an armored walking tank. It can take damage only to the blue crystal, so aim for that and watch out for lasers. Some will fire at an angle that can't reach you if you stay near the left side of the screen. Others shoot in a horizontal line that passes over your head, as long as you're not foolish enough to jump into them. It can be an easy fight, in other words.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star ManMega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

Once you've taken out that enemy, hop over the bed of spikes and press toward the right. You'll be greeted by a close grouping of the flying hardhat enemies, so take out as many as you can and jump over the rest. Continue right through the area, dodging more of those swift-moving enemies, and enter the next screen.

Here, a group of ledges are suspended over a bed of spikes. As you proceed to the right, note that shells will emerge from the spikes, so make high leaps to carry yourself over them and proceed along the floating purple ledges. Enemies positioned on them will lob shots in your direction, as well, so try to keep moving and be ready to take them out with charged shots.

On the far side of that area, you'll find one more of the armed mech enemies, again separated from you by a bed of spikes. Take care of him, then pass through the gate to find the area boss.

Star Man

Even if you only have the arm cannon, Star Man is a relatively simple boss. You just have to watch his pattern and then you can exploit it to your advantage.

Mega Man 5 screenshot - Star Man

The first thing Star Man will do is leap toward you, most likely, so be ready for that. Run forward and slide under him. Note as you engage with him that he has a swirling barrier of stars. These prevent him from taking damage, but occasionally he will pause in the middle of one of his leaps and send the stars flying toward you as a weapon.

Let him leap around you, and slide about the area while you charge up your arm cannon. Don't be afraid to jump yourself, if you're far enough away from him, because sometimes you can trick him into firing stars in a useless direction. Then you can jump over them, or run under them and jump toward your foe, pelting him with shots. Just don't get too close, because he'll produce a new barrier, plus he can do a lot of damage if he crashes against you.

As long as you move around a bit, Star Man is easy to avoid, and his stars never move quickly enough to pose a serious threat. They're easy to get around if you're paying attention, and Star Man won't last long against charged shots. You can always use your Wave Cannon instead, if you like, since that is Star Man's greatest weakness, but it's not really even necessary.

Password: A-3 (red), B-1 (red), C-3 (blue), C-5 (red), D-5 (blue), F-1 (blue)

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