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The passwords listed below will allow you to skip directly to various portions of the game.

All But One Robot Defeated

If you want to start with all but one robot defeated, enter the passwords immediately below. The robot name indicates which of the eight robot masters is not defeated when you enter the corresponding password. This is a great way to goof off in a level with all the work in the other levels done for you.

Drill Man: A-1, B-4,5, E-2,6, F-3
Dive Man: A-1,4, B-5, D-3, E-4, F-2
Dust Man: A-1,4, B-6, E-2,6, F-3
Skull Man: A-1,4, B-5, E-1,6, F-3
Toad Man: A-4, B-5, C-2, E-2,6, F-3
Bright Man: A-4, B-1,5, E-2,6, F-3
Ring Man: A-1,4, C-5, E-2,6, F-3
Pharaoh Man: A-1, B-5, C-3, D-4, E-2,4

Only One Robot Defeated

These passwords will allow you to start the game with a single robot of your choice already defeated. If you start with Pharaoh Man or Dive Man already defeated, there's no need to enter that level (the items have already been retrieved).

Toad Man: A-3,5,6, B-1, D-1, E-3
Dust Man: A-2,3,6, C-5, D-1, E-3
Pharaoh Man: A-2,5, B-2,4, D-1,3
Drill Man: A-2,5,6, C-3, D-1, E-3
Ring Man: A-2,3,6, B-6, D-1, E-3
Dive Man: A-2,3,5, B-2, D-4, E-1
Bright Man: A-3,5,6, C-2, D-1, E-3
Skull Man: A-2,3,5,6, E-3, F-2

Dr. Cossack's Castle

Enter the password indicated below and you'll start at the front gate to Dr. Cossack's castle, with plenty of energy tanks in reserve.

A-1,4, B-5, E-2, F-1,3

There is no password to skip directly past this point, so you'll have to play through two castles at once in order to reach the closing credits.

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