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Unlike Mega Man 2, the third outing for everyone's favorite blue bomber is loaded with different cheats you may use to make things simpler. It's even possible to work around with the password system so that you can create the password that pleases you from scratch. Look elsewhere for that, but here's a quick briefing of the cheats you may find appealing (for the best experience, of course, don't use any cheats).

High jumps

Mega Man can jump the height of the screen if you hold 'right' on the second controller. Use this trick also to jump out of bottomless pits.

Freeze enemies

If you hold 'up' and 'A' on the second controller, many larger enemies will be frozen. So will Mega Man, but you can jump left or right, and also fire the arm cannon. This does not work on Magnet Man.


This trick is difficult to pull off, but possible. Start by working through a level to an area where there are lots of enemies near pits. Now, get knocked by an enemy so that you flash as you fall back into a pit. Just before Mega Man's death is finalized, as the life gauge empties, quickly press and hold 'right' on the second controller. Timing is tricky, but if you did it right you will be able to jump back out of the pit and will be impervious to enemy attacks until you pick up an item that refills a portion of your life meter. I believe spikes may still harm you.

Easy Energy Tanks

Starting a new game and intimidated by how powerful the robots are? Just enter a red dot in the password grid under A-6 and you'll start with nine energy tanks. Those should help you tackle anything the robot masters throw your way!

Good with the cheats? Glad to hear it! Let's get going on the actual game.

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