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Mega Man 3 Guide

Welcome to the site's Mega Man 3 guide, written by Jason Venter.

There are some great cheats built right into the game. Here's the information you need to make yourself virtually invincible, and to bring along a bunch of energy tanks you won't need (because you're invincible, duh).

Robot Masters
Walkthroughs for every one of the eight robot master stages, provided in a recommended order. There are boss strategies also, and passwords are included so you can easily follow along.

Doc Robot Stages
These may be familiar stages at a glance, but they hold all-new challenges and the walkthrough will get you through them in one piece... more or less.

Skull Castle
You'll find the game's fiercest challenges waiting for you once you proceed to Skull Castle, and this guide will walk you through the steps you should follow to painlessly find and defeat the evil genius who lurks at the end.

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