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Items: Energy Oil, Mystery Bag, Platinum Medal, Power Oil, Teddy Bear

This stage, positioned in the bottom left area of Eggplant Caverns, begins with a long hallway that leads up to a statue. It tells you that you'll need to show it your favorite repast if you wish to pass. It wants you to eat a treat in front of it. Chow down on a shortcake and it'll be satisfied and open the gate so that you can proceed into the next corridor. One note: your life is probably full and the game won't let you eat the shortcake in that condition. Drop down onto the ice strip near the statue without the proper headgear and you can take some damage. Then it's possible to eat the shortcake.

Once you appear in the next area after passing through the gate the statue finally opened, you'll see a portal straight ahead, along with a rock wall. You can drill through the wall, of course. Make sure you have the Fire Parts equipped and head into the next area. You'll also want to be wearing something that helps you avoid traps, since it's full of spikes. There are also four of the semi-transparent guys along the edge of this area, so make sure that you destroy them all. You'll have to skirt the outer edge to get a treasure chest that's in the area, as well. It contains the MYSTERY BAG. Your ultimate goal in this area is to light all of the torches, which will drop the gate at the end of the room. Then you can head there and drill through the rock wall to proceed into the dungeon's next segment.

Here, you'll see some enemies conferring ahead and a rock will drop in their midst. Head forward and take out the nearest Phantom as usual, with a few quick drill slashes. Past them, you'll see platforms to the left and right of the ledge. Ride the one on the right to reach a ledge where you can restore your life. From that life-refilling platform, step straight ahead to the single platform visible there and use your drill while the Shock Parts are equipped to activate a lift. Now ride the ledge back over to the previous ledge, where you refilled your energy. From where you dock on that platform, take the glowing platform to your left. When you arrive, head across the corridor to the other platform and ride it to a ledge where two Phantoms stand near cannons. Drill their armor away and beat them and their cannons, then step to the platform that was to your left as you arrived. It will carry you over to a ledge with another switch. Use your drill on it to activate another lift. Now ride your platform back over to where you launched it from. Ride the lift that is to your right (again) and then cross the hallway and ride the lift that you see directly ahead of you. You're back on the familiar platform with the energy-refilling patch. Now ride the moving platform that is directly to your left. It will take you to a ledge that's full of spike traps. Nearby, there are some enemies floating in the air. Use them as springboards to reach the ledge above (even though there's a ladder) and pull the lever you find there. You'll drop a barrier on the opposite end of the room.

The nearby ledge will give you a ride across the wide gap, where you can fight an armored Phantom, but don't go there yet. First, you want to backtrack to the early platforms, where one you couldn't access before now leads you to the platform where the treasure chest rests. There, open it to find the POWER OIL. Before you can do that, though, you'll have to defeat two armored Phantoms that attack you when you arrive. Once they're gone, claim your treasure and return to the ledge where you found the ladder and the springboard enemies near a ladder. Now ride the platform over to the new area on the room's opposite side. Here, you'll also find two semi-transparent goons you'll want to defeat before dropping down the edge of the ledge. You'll find a patch of soil here to recharge your drill, as well as a junk bin. Collect the junk, then run toward the exit door. There are some enemies here but they aren't armored. Take them out with a few quick attacks, then drill the rock wall they guarded and proceed into the next room.

You'll be greeted here by another rock wall. Drill through it and proceed. Now, be ready for a beating. A total of ten Phantoms will attack you here, two at a time. They are all armored, and they get progressively tougher as you go. The last two pairs are particularly dangerous: two of them are boxers and two are swordsmen. Keep moving around and using your Drill Tornado if they're getting too close and you don't have time to charge your drill. Beat the lot of them and also collect the junk from three bins. Break any vases, too. Then proceed through the gate that opens.

Here, there are some spike traps to navigate, and beyond that you'll be attacked by three of the semi-transparent goons. Make sure you're wearing your nightcap or the ribbon, since you'll otherwise take a lot of damage here while skating around on the icy surface. From where those goons attack, you can head left to find a treasure chest that contains the COOKIE (and another goon waiting in the wings). Step in the groove there to make a gift appear elsewhere in the area. Head right and you'll find a PLATINUM MEDAL where you beat those first three goons. Now head right to where you see a treasure chest waiting. Open it to receive the ENERGY OIL.

Straight ahead from where you opened the gift box, you'll come to a large room full of levers. Two of the semi-transparent goons circle the outer edges of the room, so tend to them first. Then turn your attention to the levers. You need to pull them in a certain order. Here's a diagram of their layout:

||| ||| [A] ||| |||
[B] [C] [D] [E] [F]
[G] ||| [H] ||| [I]
[J] [K] [L] [M] [N]

The vertical lines are included only for spacing purposes and can safely be ignored. Note that lever 'A' resets everything. There are two switch combinations you want to use. The first is:

B, J, L, D, F, N

The treasure chest that appears will contain the MYSTERY BAG. There are two other chests in this area, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to get them. Anyone know the answer to this? If so, let me know. It must have something to do with the switches, but I can't figure out what other combinations unlock any secrets. Once you're done in the area, continue to the next room to find the dungeon's treasure. It's the TEDDY BEAR. Take it to Chucky in Monster Village to remove more mist from the world map. Take your mystery bag to Pamela in Tiese Town, also, for the HELMET. Now head to the world map and the next dungeon.

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