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Items: Mystery Bag, Shortcake

When you enter the stage, Motoro will battle Prince. He does quite well for himself, too, with only a sign as defense. The two of them depart as Parin arrives. It's kind of a neat scene. When you gain control of Parin, smash pillars for coins and then head through the black opening into the next room.

Directly ahead as you enter, you'll see a mound where you can recharge your drill energy. Beyond that waits a spike trap. To the right of the mound, start by breaking open three pots. Then go ahead and use the mound if you need before continuing past the spike trap to where some Phantoms wait. Jump right out into the middle of them and use two or three consecutive Drill Tornado attacks to destroy them, as well as any nearby pots. Now you can head left along the corridor. You'll want to equip the gas mask or nightcap.

Through the archway, you'll find a Phantom encased in a shield, rolling toward you. Drill his barrier away, then take care of the juicy Phantom underneath with a few more charged drills. Now, there also is a junk bin in this area, and there are some of the poisonous flowers and some pots. Tend to all of those elements with some more drill action, then note that the walls on the left, right and far end of the room are all weak to your drill. The wall to the left hides a torch you can light to bring down a gate that was hiding behind the wall to the right (which will crumble as you light the torch). Now two Phantoms will corner you in the room. They have swords, so take care of them quickly with some drill attacks or they'll do a lot of damage. Also, there's a semi-transparent enemy in the area that will try to make your battle with the Phantoms difficult by sniping you from a distance. Make sure that you take him out before heading to the preceding room. Before heading through the opening you revealed, drill the wall that's now to your left to get some coins. Now pass through into that next room.

There's a ledge ahead that you will climb onto shortly, but first head left toward the area with the brown floor surrounded by a narrow ring of lava. Some Phantoms will attack you there. Take them out and you'll activate ledges near the platform you saw when you first entered the room. Some Phantoms will materialize on it and start throwing bombs. Take them out with charged drill attacks, then step onto the moving platform. Then you can ride over to a lever and pull it to open the door below. Kill the nearby enemy--who is hard to see because he blends in with the lava--and break the vases to either side of the door you just opened by pulling the lever. Now proceed through it and you're in the next portion of the dungeon.

In this room, you're at one end of a long corridor. Start forward and you'll cause two Phantoms to jump from high ledges. They are wearing caps on their head that let them fire projectiles, so drill those off and then finish them up with regular or Drill Tornado attacks. They're weak to your Fire Parts, it seems. Ahead, you'll see moving platforms suspended in the air above an area below. Go ahead and drop down to that area (there's a ladder for when you need to get back up). There's a Phantom there manning a cannon, so take out his weapon with a charged shot, and use the same technique on the Phantom itself. Now, look back to the ledge where you descended the ladder. You can drill the wall there to find a treasure chest that holds SHORTCAKE. Now continue past where you destroyed the cannon and keep moving beyond and toward the gradual left. There are two pots resting against the base of a wall there, on either side of a junk bin. Destroy all three and from there head left to take out another armored Phantom and cannon.

Now go ahead and climb the ladder back up to the top area. Jump on one of the moving ledges, which moves in a square area. That movement will take you past three areas where stone columns rest on pink, semi-transparent slabs. Drill each slab with a short drill attack as you pass to send the stone columns crashing down to reveal an opening ahead. Ignore the right path for now, which is blocked by a gate, and head to the north and west paths. Each has a torch at its end that is lit. Use the Ice Parts to extinguish the torches, and also fight any Phantoms that appear. On the left path, there's a Phantom disguised as a pot. Defeat it and smash the nearby pot before jumping back on the moving platform.

Now, you can ride over to the right ledge and extinguish a final torch to open a gate if your only interest is completing the stage, but that will cause you to miss a treasure chest that contains the MYSTERY BAG (and also some enemies that count toward your level completion goals). Before you jump on that ledge, then, ride the platform so that it's at the upper right area of its track, then make a long leap from there to a platform in the distance. You should be able to just make the jump. Continue along the path and you can defeat two of the semi-transparent enemies, plus open that chest I mentioned. Now return to the area with the ladder, climb up and ride the moving platform again. This time, head to the right platform.

There, you'll extinguish the final torch and cause a gate to open. Ahead, there are two Phantoms you'll have to defeat. Break open a junk bin, too. There's also an enemy sliding around on the lava in this general area (he may be in the next little square area with all the spike traps), so don't miss him. Break open the vases shaped like pigs for some coins, then head toward the final room ahead. A gate will come up and a gloved Phantom will attack. Defeat him with some charged drill attacks and the gate will drop so that you can head to the next portion of the stage.

You're already at the treasure room! Jump onto the altar to grab the CEDAR CHEST. Now it's time to head back to Monster Village. Give the chest to Rocko. More Dark Mist will vanish from the map, as expected. Now you can head deeper into the Eggplant Caverns. Before you do, take a detour to Tiese Town and have Pamela open the mystery bag you found in the preceding level. You'll receive the PHARAOH HAT. Sweet! Take it back to Rocko. He's not sure he likes it once you place it on his head. Talk to him again and you'll find that he's gone mad with power. He thinks he's a real pharaoh. Use a fully charged drill attack to break him free of his reverie and you'll receive PICTURE #6 for your trouble. Now you can go ahead and return to the world map and head to that next dungeon.

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