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Items: Chocolate, Energy Oil, Fancy Shelf, Headdress, Mystery Bag(x2), Power Oil

Heaven's Hill is located right along the furthest base of Pimento Mountain, just shy of the forest that surrounds Motoro's Gym. When you enter, an elevator will take you down to the area's lower level. There, you'll find a statue that expects you to meet a certain criteria before he'll allow you to pass. He wants you to dazzle him with your martial skill. A ball drops nearby. You can destroy it easily enough, but you need to do so in a manner the statue will find memorable. Use a special move to defeat the ball and the statue will open the door for you.

This area opens with two lines of three vases ahead of you. Beyond those lie some of the sleeping green enemies from the previous stage. Break open the pots and defeat the enemies with a frenzied series of attacks and Drill Tornado moves. At the apparent end of the trail beyond them, you'll find two vases resting at the base of a weak wall. Smash them, then drill through the wall after equipping a gas mask or your high-level nightcap (preferably the latter). There's a Phantom just ahead, as well as a poisonous flower. Use charged drill attacks on them both for victory.

You're now in a lava-filled area. It should come as no surprise to you that segments of the rock trail ahead will fall away when you place weight on them. Head forward, then toward your left. There's a plant on this ledge. Defeat it, then look toward your right. A small ledge serves as a stepstool to the next ledge, where there's a treasure chest. There are two balls of fire that arc over the stepstool, but they're close together. Wait for both to pass, then immediately hop over and open the chest to obtain ENERGY OIL.

Now return to the previous ledge, just past the one the fire arcs make so dangerous, and you'll find that you can also proceed to a ledge where a Phantom is standing guard next to a poisonous plant. Jump over there and take out guard and plant, then drill the weak wall the Phantom was guarding to reveal a lever you can pull. It causes a gate to open to the next area. Some Phantoms will also head out to await your arrival. You're not there yet, though. Hop back over to the previous ledge and you'll notice the main, narrow ledge winds over toward the area where you opened the door.

The easiest way to follow the ledge is to not follow it at all. There's a more substantial bit of land out to your right. Make a long jump and you should reach the ledge. Then from there, jump out toward land to the diagonal left and break open the pots you find there. From where you break those pots, you can jump left toward another ledge with a mound of dirt for recharging your drill. Do so, then continue along that ledge toward the left to where there's a poisonous plant. Now, look to your right and you'll see a Phantom with some headgear, next to a poisonous plant. Mark his location, but ignore him for now. Instead, jump to the narrow pedestal to the left after an arc of lava passes, then from there to the next ledge where you can drill two rocks. You can also drill a weak wall to reveal a treasure chest that contains CHOCOLATE. Now return to the area near the Phantom in headgear. Jump over and take care of him with a charged drill attack, and the flower too. Now drill the weak wall behind him for some coins, if you wish them.

Now it's time to head toward that door you opened by pulling the lever a moment ago. As you arrive, the Phantoms will be waiting. One is encased in ice, but you know by now that you can melt it if you have Fire Parts equipped. Defeat that Phantom and his two cohorts, then smash the two vases before proceeding through the opening and into the next portion of the stage.

When you appear in this new room, start by jumping up the short ledge to the right and breaking open a pot that's hidden behind a stone structure. Now you can return to the path and continue between the structures, then to the right where some wasps wait. Beat them, then hop up the short ledge to the right and follow it to find a bin that contains some junk. There also are some pots to bust open and a mound you can drill to restore your drill meter. Do so. In this area, there's a weak wall you can drill to find a treasure chest that holds a MYSTERY BAG (in town, Pamela will reveal that it contains CHOCOLATE). Now return to where you killed the wasps you'll see some arches formed by the bone-shaped fingers.

Don't head down that trail just yet. Instead, head left and you should find the top of a ladder that descends to an area below. Drop down there and you'll have to defeat four of the green slimes. Once they're taken care of, you can jump out along some ledges to find a treasure chest. Note that the ledges are guarded by swinging, spiked pendulums. You'll have to get your timing right, which usually means jumping and running just after a pendulum swings past the lowest point of its inverted arc. The chest contains POWER OIL. Grab it and then return to the ladder. You'll have to jump up some short ledges to reach it. Climb up the ladder, then head left and down the trail through those arches I mentioned a moment ago.

Partway down, your arrival will trigger the appearance of a gun-toting Phantom. His shots are pretty powerful, so you should work with short, charged drill attacks to strip him of his weaponry as quickly as possible. When he's gone, check around the back side of the nearby stone tower for a pot that you can break. There's a ledge you can walk out onto that will allow you to make a long leap to the area off to your left. It's only the area where you just found the Power Oil, though, so don't worry about it for now (you'll be back later, though). Instead, continue along the path past the Phantom gunslinger and you can drill the wall to find an archway leading through the rock wall.

Don't pass through the arch, though. There are some pots and a junk bin you'll want to break first. Jump up onto the ledge to the upper left of the archway you revealed, where you can break the pots and find the junk bin. Now you can pass through the arch and work around the base of the tower upon which the junk bin rested. You'll find a lever there. Pull it and you'll cause a ledge to start rising and falling elsewhere in the stage.

Now, it's time to get yourself an exciting little treat. Head back to the ledge that leads out to the area where you obtained the POWER OIL. You want to return there, since now there's a ledge you can ride up to a gift box that contains the HEADDRESS item. Grab it, then make your way back around to the tower above the area where you pulled the lever (it's the one where you found the junk bin). Jump from there out across the gap to a ledge where you'll see a platform waiting that can restore your energy. Let it do its job.

Now you need to drill through a boulder to proceed. Past it, you'll find a gust of cold air. You can only make it across the gap when the air is gusting. Wait until a gust begins, then jump quickly across and pull yourself up onto the next ledge. There are three pots there and a Phantom that would like you to believe he is a fourth. Destroy the three genuine articles with a quick slash, then take the fourth out with a short, charged drill attack (a long one is likely to send you flying over a precipice). Now look ahead. You'll see another ledge with three more pots. Jump out there and destroy those, then from that ledge jump forward again to another.

Run along this ledge toward a waiting Phantom, smashing the vase along the way. The Phantom will retreat to a cannon, so be ready to dodge its fire as you approach and take out the Phantom and his weapon with a short drill attack. Beyond him, there's a door you can pass through into the next segment of the level.

From where you appear here, start by heading directly forward and breaking the two pots that rest at the edge of a suspension bridge there. On the other side, there's a Phantom hiding behind some electrical charges. Dash guard through that barrier and the Phantom will run while leaving you to deal with two of his armored companions. Take them out with short drill attacks, and also destroy the poles that generate the electricity. On this level, there are two pots. Smash them and then head to the left and drop down, where you can find more three pots to break around a boulder. Now head back toward the right, where the Phantom waits. He'll run down a trail, but don't follow him yet.

If you look left, there's another huge rock and some more pots you can break. Take care of them and drill the rock. To its left, there's a junk bin to destroy. Do so, then look beyond it and there are some enemies floating in space. Note their location, but you're not going to engage them just yet. Instead, turn and follow the Phantom that fled down the trail. He'll lead you past several wasps, which you should of course defeat. Continue beyond them and your quarry will come to the base of the mountain trail. Here, you should be able to destroy him.

There are now two directions you can head. The end of the stage is toward the right, but don't go there yet. You'll want to go left instead, while noting that there are spike traps waiting for you through a draw. They're obvious. The stone floor is full of the telltale holes. Make your way past those while wearing the ribbon or level-5 nightcap and you'll come to a fork in the path. Start by heading toward the right. It's a dead end, but there's a Phantom there you'll want to beat. When he's dead, return to the fork and head along the left path, which you'll notice has a weak wall you can drill for coins. Beyond that spot, you'll find a purple vase and three Phantoms waiting to battle you. One carries a magic wand and can rain lightning down from above, so make sure you get rid of him as soon as possible. After defeating the Phantoms, break three pots open before continuing to the left.

You'll now find a vase you can break, at the top of a dead-end draw that heads back to your right. There's a spiked, armored enemy rolling around there, so take care of him with some charged drill attacks. He'll be joined by a similarly-attired companion, but they're easy by this stage in the game. Beyond them, a boulder blocks an opening. Leave it there for now, as a landmark. It's time to do some backtracking, back up the draw and along the cliff to the trail that leads back up to the top of the peak. Remember where those enemies were hanging out over the air, just before you chased the Phantom down the cliff? That's where you're headed. When you reach them, jump out to the first one and use a targeted attack, then do the same on the second one and then the third. Now fall left while leaning toward the cliff wall that should now be to your left. You'll land on a ledge below, if you aimed right. Trace it back to the left and you'll find a treasure chest that contains the MYSTERY BAG (when you take this one back to town, Pamela will open it to find the COOKIE item).

Now head back to the boulder that you left untouched at the end of that draw (the one where you fought the rolling, spike-covered enemies). Drill it to reveal a new area. In that area, some bats will drop a huge, armored enemy. This guy can take quite a bit of damage, even after you remove his armor, so be ready for that. The flying enemies remain, too, so you'll need to take care of them. They're not your priority until the big guy is gone, though. You'll want to hammer on him with merciless launch attacks or he'll start firing shots that will really have a negative impact on your life meter. When every enemy is gone, a gate on the far end of the corridor opens and you can proceed through to the treasure room.

The altar there holds the FANCY SHELF. Take it to Pierre in Monster Village. He's grateful, and another portion of the world map will be revealed. You can't reach it just yet, but it's still nice to have it cleared. Before you do anything else, head into town and talk to Pamela to investigate the contents of any mystery bags you've collected. Now it's time to return to Eggplant Caverns and tackle that next stage.

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