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Items: Gold Medal, Platinum Medal, Power Oil

When you arrive here, you'll find a wide, icy clearing and there's a statue that won't let you pass until you place your feet on its head. After it makes its demand, a crate falls in the center of the clearing. This puzzle is easy to solve. Just move the crate so that it's next to the statue, then jump up onto the crate and from there onto the statue's head. Now the door will open and you can proceed.

As you enter the dungeon proper, you'll see two pots ahead of you, one to your left and one on your right. Destroy those, then continue beyond along an icy, narrow trail that winds over a deep chasm. You'll startle a Phantom, who will turn and run for a nearby cannon. You need to move quickly enough that he doesn't arrive before you've made it free of the ledge. Otherwise, at least be prepared to jump his shots. Once you reach the ledge, there are two other Phantoms you must also keep in mind, and some pots to destroy. Take care of all of that, then follow the trail that starts at the gap in the fence ahead.

The trail will make its way down along some ice, then to a snowy ledge. From that ledge, you can look ahead to see some ledges extending from and then receding into the wall. There are three of them. Jump out as the first starts to extend and from that one jump to the third without paying much heed to the second, then run across it and jump to solid ground on the other side. Break the pots you find there and continue along the trail. These next few ledges will drop out of place once you've put your weight on them for a second, so keep moving and you'll soon arrive at the other side. There's now a weak wall to your right that you can drill for coins. Do so and then look left from where you first arrived on this ledge, to some pots along the edge of the ledge. Break those and beyond them, you'll see some enemies hanging in space. Use them as stepstools to cross to the other side of a wide gap.

On the new platform, you can refill your drill in the mound of dirt, then press beyond it and through a hole in the fence, to another trail that winds its way down along the side of the mountain. You'll come to a ladder on the edge of one platform, with a gap you can hop over to the right. Drop down the ladder to the area below and attack the wasp-shaped enemies there. Then move back left and you will see a gap with cool air blasting up it. Wait for the mist to vanish, then jump across to make a gift box appear. Continue along the path and break any pots along the way, until you work your way back up to the top of the ledge. You'll come back to the place where you first dropped down the ladder. Do so again, then look to your right to find the gift box you caused to appear. It contains a PLATINUM MEDAL.

Now you'll see what looks like a log extended over a gap. You must cross it, but watch out for spike-tipped pendulums swinging back and forth. When you reach the other side, smash some vases and continue onto the ledge, where you can step on a platform to restore any HP you've lost. Do so, then proceed through the next hole in the fence. Follow this new path down the mountainside, stopping to break a junk bin along the way and a pot nearby (the pot is nestled against the base of a short ledge you drop down, just before some finger-shaped bones). Note that just beyond that, some of the ledges will fall out from underneath you, so keep moving until you reach the bomb-tossing Phantom near the bottom. Take him out with some short charge attacks and look to the right.

Here, there's a beige-colored platform. You should know what to expect by now. Step onto it and another such ledge will appear out in space momentarily. Move across the gap using those beige stepping stones you'll have to jump between some) and on the other side, some wasps will attack. Kill them, then move through the hole in the fence beyond them. Don't miss the pot as you drop over the first ledge and look for the other one that's just past a drillable rock formation. Then turn back and drill through the rock. Doing so will dislodge a Phantom, so be ready for him and take him out with another short drill attack. Then continue along the path and through the door to the next portion of the area.

From where you appear here, head toward your left and climb an icy ledge leading upward. It's dangerous, and as you reach the first fork in the road, you'll have to defeat a Phantom that is armored and wants to toss bombs. A good attack should send him falling off the edge if you're the first to hit, so make sure that you are. From where the Phantom appears, head to the right to break open some vases. There's also a weak wall, so drill that and kill the Phantom that it unearths. Pull the nearby lever to make a bridge fall nearby, then return to where the Phantom was and head beyond where he stood (which should now be the icy path on your right, thanks to the change in perspective).

As you continue toward the bridge, two Phantoms will jump into a pit to your right, then come out of the abyss on bats. Keep moving forward so that you can reach more solid ground. As you arrive, target the flying enemies to defeat them, then continue across the copper bridge that's now to your right. At the end, dodge a shot from an enemy at a cannon, then take care of both the cannon and the Phantom. Continue beyond and you can follow a ledge to a platform where you can refill your life.

From the life-restoring platform, look ahead and there's a sign near an icy precipice (there also are some pots, so make sure that you destroy them before proceeding). The sign references three tricky torches. It's another note from Motoro. A camera will pan left to an unlit torch. Head in that direction and you'll find some snowy ledges with a spiked pendulum swinging. Keep moving along it and you'll notice that to the right, there are some Phantom enemies tossing bombs near a torch. Take care of them and the nearby pots, then light the torch with Fire Parts equipped on your drill before heading back left toward the next torch. You'll see a mound of soil where you can recharge your drill, and beyond that some wasps. Take care of the wasps, then light a torch that waits to their left. Now you need to head back toward Motoro's sign. As you get near, you'll see it to your lower right, while straight ahead there's a ledge with two pots resting on it. Jump out to that ledge, break the pots, then continue onward. A circular Phantom will attack. Drill it to pieces, then continue beyond.

More Phantoms are milling about there, near a torch. Remove their armor with charged drill attacks and then take care of the Phantom flesh beneath with standard drill attacks. Light the torch and you'll open a door elsewhere in the stage. Creep along the ledge around to its back side and you'll find a treasure chest you can open to obtain POWER OIL. Now return to Motoro's sign, and head beyond it toward the remaining portion of the area that you haven't explored.

You should see two spiked pendulums swinging around a bin you can break open for junk. Beyond that, head to the right and break some pots, then drill through a weak spot in the wall. You'll reveal a room beyond. Step through and a gate will come up. Three Phantoms attack. The big guy carries a sword, so focus most of your efforts on removing his armor. If you have the Fire Parts equipped still, as you should, your special move will make quick work of the whole Phantom crew. Then the gate drops. Smash the pig-shaped vase before you head back out the door and onto the ledge. Follow it around to the right and smash open two pots along the way.

Keep moving and you'll see the door to the next area, guarded by some green enemies shaped like those you might remember from the volcano area of a previous stage. Take them out now as you did before, then go ahead through the door and into the next portion of the stage.

You're now at the base of some wooden steps leading up to a mine cart. There's a lever to your right, but you can't pull it because it's stuck. Head up the stairs and jump into the mine cart. A rock will fall and you will get to ride down the cart, as you did in a previous stage. Just mash the 'X' button as you did before and you'll destroy all the enemies along the way while for the most part avoiding hazards. It seems like you do best if you wait until rocks are nearing you, which is when the enemies seem to bunch together the most. It's pretty difficult to hit them all. When you reach the bottom, break open the vases before heading through the door and into the level's treasure room. You don't get a chance to retry the mine ride if you miss any of the enemies, but missing them also doesn't affect your rating for the stage. You'll just miss out on a GOLD MEDAL. On the altar, you'll find a STEREO.

Take the stereo to Poco in Monster Village and he'll be grateful, as expected. More of the mist on the map will melt away and now you can explore the trail that leads between the mountains and Motoro's Gym. There's no time like the present!

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