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Items: Afro, Ducky, Mystery Bag

Puku will overtake Parin as she heads into the caverns to find Pino. He warns Parin that she's entering the most dangerous place in the world. She tells him to wish her luck, then heads into the cavern while Puku stands behind her and ominously murmurs "No turning back." When you gain control of Parin, head forward to where a torch burns by a sign. It says hot things must be cooled down, so equip the Ice Parts you got in the park on the mountaintop and do precisely that. When the ethereal gate ahead lowers, start down the path and into the dungeon's next room.

Ahead, you'll see a platform with several columns and pots. You can safely step into that area and break the pots without triggering any confrontations. Beyond, there is an icy area with some islands and a lever set on one. Hop on that while noting that if you miss and land on the ice you'll take damage unless you're wearing the nightcap or goggles, then note that there's an enemy in this area. He's rather transparent and he falls quite easily to a few swipes from the drill. Pull the lever and you'll lower a barrier to your left but raise one to your right. Head left and break a pot. There's a large block and a groove here, but ignore it until you've pulled the lever that you also find. That will cause a moving platform to slide into place. Now move the crate so that it sits on the platform you just summoned, then pull the lever again to send the crate flying over to a nearby platform.

Return to the little ledge where you pulled the first lever and pull it again to change which barrier is raised and which is lowered. Now proceed to the right and pull the lever there. Break the pot as well. Now that you've pulled the lever, a platform will appear nearby. Step onto it and it will carry you over to the area you sent the crate. Move the crate onto the nearby switch to lower the gate ahead. Now you can proceed to the next little chamber, where a treasure chest waits. It contains the MYSTERY BAG (which itself holds SHORTCAKE if you take it back to Pamela in Tiese Town), but you'll first have to worry about defeating two armored Phantoms that appear when you enter the area. They fall to short drill attacks nicely, but first you'll have to approach the cannons they man. You know the routine.

When you grab the treasure, more Phantom enemies will drop from above to attack. There are three of them, all armored, and they'll be followed by two more of the same as you defeat the first few. Short drill attacks are the key for all of these, with perhaps the occasional Drill Tornado attack once your adversaries are stripped of their armor. With the enemies tended to, you can now look forward toward a strange stone wall ahead. It has blue markings on it that resemble the Ice Parts design. Drill it with that item equipped and it will fall apart, opening the path to proceed through the nearby door.

As you enter, you'll see some blocks fall ahead of you. Move toward them while noting that there's another of the semi-transparent enemies sliding around on the ice nearby. Take care of him, then equip your Shock Parts and light the four nearby stands. This will set some platforms in the wall to moving. Jump up to the right one as you see it start to extend from the wall, and from there jump to the moving platform on the left, which will carry you over to a space you can pass through. Now, there will be two shield enemies to your right. Take care of them quickly so their energy beams don't hit you. Beyond them are three pots you should destroy, as well as a platform. Step onto it and it will carry you over to a ledge with a lever being circled by a spiked ball. Pull the lever and a new ledge will drift toward you, then come to a halt. Step onto it and it will carry you over a gap to a platform where four Phantoms are waiting. Short drill attacks will take care of them easily.

Now you're ready to pull the lever, which will cause another floating platform to arrive. Ride it over to a new ledge, where there's a stand you can step on to recharge your dwindling energy supply. You now have the option of three platforms: two on the left and one on the right.

Start with the platform to the upper left (the one with another platform set on the opposite side of the isle, to its right). You'll ride over to a ledge where you notice a Phantom and what seems to be a pot. It's not actually a pot, just a Phantom in disguise. Destroy them both, then climb up the ladder and break open a bin for some Junk. Now climb back down and return to the platform where you were able to select from three directions.

This time, take the platform that's on the right side, by itself. It will drift over to a nearby ledge, where you can pull a switch again and ride yet another platform. Ride platforms and you'll work your way back around to the area that formerly had three options, only now there are just two. From where you stand, step onto the one that's further away. Now ride it across the gap to the area where you broke open the Junk container. There's a platform here that wasn't before. You can drop off the side and onto it for a ride to another island, where a treasure chest contains the POWER OIL. Now return to that island that used to have three options and as you arrive, next take the platform that is to your right.

This platform (which initially would have been closest to you when you arrived on the ledge with those three choices) will carry you over to another ledge where you can cross a small hallway to step on a beige-colored block. It will cause more to appear, which you can follow across a gap to a treasure chest that contains the AFRO item. How lovely. Ride the ledge back across and then head to your right, where some Phantoms are waiting. Make sure that you strip the sword away before a Phantom can use it on you, since it does severe damage. Also, kill the semi-transparent enemies that are lurking nearby. Once the enemies are destroyed, the doorway to the next area will open.

As you enter, you'll see a group of Phantoms ahead. Observe them when prompted, and you'll see them step onto a series of platforms and ride through to the next area while one of their cohorts is late to the party and misses the opportunity. Apparently, there's a switch somewhere in the room. Start forward along the hallway and you're in a maze of sorts. Ahead, you can walk around the barrier to open a treasure chest that contains the ENERGY OIL. As you move through this area, note that there are spike traps along the floor. Wear something that will prevent that from hurting you. The level 5 nightcap is ideal in this area, if you have it. As you wander, you'll also cause Phantom enemies to fall and attack. They like to teleport around and hurl fireballs, so when one is near you need to make full use of its accessibility and reward it with a flurry of drill strikes. Also, there's one of the semi-transparent guys in the area, so be sure you take him down, as well. Another note: there's a bin with some Junk that you can collect, and a pig-shaped vase with lots of money. Don't miss either of them. Your ultimate objective is the turtle-shaped platform that was to your right as you entered. Make your way around to it and ride it around the maze's outer perimeter.

The turtle platform will take you to another of the strange stone formations with blue markings. Drill through it and continue into the next little chamber, where you can destroy a shielded Phantom with some drill attacks and also break open two more Junk bins. There's also another of the semi-transparent guys to tend to. When that's done, you might have to head back to activate the turtle platform again, since before a stone structure blocked you from riding it through to the end of its route.

Pass through the door and you'll find that you're in the treasure room. Your reward when you step on the altar is the DUCKY item. Yay! Now you can exit to the world map and head back to Monster Village. Give the ducky to Chucky and make his bath time fun again. More mist will recede from the map and now you can head deeper into the Eggplant Caverns. There's also a new area to your left, in the mountains. Before you leave the village, though, give the Afro to Poco. He doesn't like it, but can't remove it. Stand near him, then jump and use your fire attack to burn it away. You'll receive PICTURE #5. Now you're ready to explore the new area in Pimento Mountain.

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