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Items: Gold Medal

When you arrive, you'll find Motoro. He's the blue cat that you've seen throughout the various dungeons, as you might recall. This time, he won't run at the sight of you. After all, you're in his home. Instead, he talks of his tendency to collect precious and rare medals, and of a sport called 'hoccer' that he says humans don't know of.

Before you can discuss that further, you're prompted with some options. One such option is the opportunity to give him a Platinum Medal. When you do, he'll let you know that there are a total of eleven such medals in the world. If you find them all, he'll give you some special parts for your drill. That sounds good, but where are the dang medals?

Talk to him again and say that you just came to visit him. He's now ready to talk about hoccer again, and mentions that there must be three on a team. You need to head back to Monster Village now to collect two additional team members. Go there and talk to Chucky, then Poco. They'll both join your team. Now you can head back to the gym.

When you arrive, you'll finally be able to play hoccer. The goal is to kick the ball into the goal a few times. Motoro's team plays for blue, so that's where you'll need to direct the ball. Whoever scores the most goals in two minutes wins.

If the game is going well, you'll know it because both teams will have a low score. The trick is to use targeted attacks on the ball, which is the only object you can strike with your drill. Do a lot of jumping moves and keep the ball moving toward the side where Motoro's team is. It's not so much about scoring a lot of goals; you'll probably score two or three by accident if you have enough time with the ball. Rather, it's about keeping the ball in your possession most of the time so that Motoro and crew can't score. When you win, you'll receive a GOLD MEDAL as a reward. Now you're done with the area and can get back to dungeon crawling.

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