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Items: Maid Outfit, Mystery Bag(x3), Toy Car

East of Tumultuous Cave, you'll find Shadow Grotto. Inside, start by drilling plenty of stalagmites, then climb up from there to find a locked gate. Another of the guardian statues waits here. This one wants to see some fashion sense before he'll let you pass. Make sure you're wearing the goggles and he'll let you through immediately.

When you enter the next room, you'll find that it contains several small pools of frozen water and plenty of stalagmites. There's a weak spot you can drill along the right wall halfway through the room, so head there first. When you drill it, you'll receive precisely nothing. Ah, well. From there, head toward your diagonal left and just before a set of stairs, some Phantoms will attack. Beat the three of them, then head down the stairs and out onto an iced over stream. Now it's time to jump into the air and come down while using your special fire attack. As you hit the ice with the fire, the whole area will melt and you can now swim through the area. Make sure you have the goggles or nightcap equipped, of course.

Now go back to the first pool you came to as you entered. Jump into it and let yourself drift down, then swim through the left side, where there's a hidden passage. You'll come out on the other side in good shape to smash open for pots and also to open a treasure chest that contains the MYSTERY BAG (back in town Pamela will open it to reveal the SOMBRERO). Doing so will trigger the appearance of some Phantom enemies in tank-like vehicles. Use short drill charges to beat them and collect some Junk, then jump back into the water and swim back into the previous room. Now make for the stairs where you previously melted the ice into water.

Ahead, you'll find some bats circling. Don't worry about them just yet. Instead, tread water so that you slowly sink below the surface, down a long vertical shaft. There's a passage to your right (visible as a square bit of light), so swim through it and on the other side you can break two more vases and also break open a container for some pieces of junk. Now swim back through the passage and now you can defeat those bats with a few targeted air attacks. Beyond them and to the left, there's an alcove of sorts where you can drill a boulder for coins. Do so, then continue along the frozen stream and you'll come to a doorway with a purple vase on either side. Break those and you'll notice that through the doorway, there's a blue shield enemy stuck in an electric beam. Put on your nightcap or gas mask and guard dash through the beam as the enemy attacks. Turn around and take care of the poles that are generating the electricity. Don't forget to pass back through the opening and take care of the blue enemy if he managed to sneak by you.

The reason I had you put on the gas mask is simple: there are poisonous plants in that next room. Defeat them, and you'll find a weakened wall in the little pit where one of the plants is taking it easy. Drill through and on the other side you'll note some bats and vases to the right. Tend to them, but don't worry about heading left just yet. Instead, head directly forward and drop into the mucky channel beneath.

At one end--the left one--you'll find a weak wall. Drill through it to reveal a passageway beyond. Wade through the muck and you'll reach a rocky extension you can climb up onto a ledge above. There, you'll find a treasure chest you can open to obtain a MYSTERY BAG (take it back to Pamela in town and she'll reward you with Energy Oil). Now drop back into the soup and wade back along the canal until you're able to climb back onto solid ground. Now it's time to head to the room's leftmost side. There you'll find a mound of dirt for recharging your drill, as well as some vases you can smash. There's also a locked door and a switch you can step on that causes a pile of crates to materialize.

At first, leave the crate where it was standing. Approach the stack from the right side, so that the switch for the crates is left with the stack between you. Now pull the bottom wooden crate backwards. The other two crates will fall into place and you can hop onto them from the wooden crate. This gains you access to a ledge with another crate. Push it out onto the stack nearby, and you can push it to the ground. You now have two crates you can move onto the nearby switches. This will open the door and cause a Phantom to appear. Take him out with some charged drill attacks and he'll disappear easily enough. Then you can pass through the door.

This room is another of those 'interesting' rooms where there's a slot along the wall for you to deposit coins. Don't start there, though. Instead, head toward the vases by the double doors and smash them. In the process, you'll alert some Phantoms to your presence. Take care of them as usual and then you're free to return to the area where the slot wants your money. It's a clothing vending machine. If you have 65,500 coins (58,950 if you check while wearing the mid-level crown), you can purchase some clothing called the MAID OUTFIT. That's something to keep in mind for later, obviously, since there's almost no chance that you have that sort of cash on hand. Destroy any debris in the area, including a bin that gives you some Junk, then continue through the double doors.

In this area, there's a spike trap that serves as a doormat and ahead, a spiked pendulum is swinging. Move through the door as the spikes recede and press to the left rather than straight ahead, in case the pendulum is swinging your way. Now as you move forward, several bats will materialize. Take them out with targeted attacks and also break some vases. There are double doors near the bottom, which you can pass through and into the next room.

You'll want to have the nightcap equipped here (or gas mask) because there are poisonous plants. There also are shields along the side of the room that fire aura blasts toward the center, so worry about taking care of those two guys first. One of the boulders contains a treasure chest, so drill it and open the chest to receive a MYSTERY BAG (this one you can take back to Pamela for Power Oil). Finally, the plants were the least violent threat and you can dispose of them last. Next drill through a weakened portion of the wall to the right and you'll reveal a side room. There's a Phantom here that's piloting a tank. Use a few charged drill attacks to strip him of his armor and then finish things off with regular attacks. He seems to be especially susceptible to your attacks if you have the Shock Parts equipped.

Now move into the room the Phantom occupied and drill a rock to reveal a lever. Pull it and the door in the previous room will open, which you can pass through to head to the dungeon's treasure room. Don't do that just yet, though. Instead, drill a weak spot along the room's left side to reveal another side room (also guarded by a tank Phantom). Defeat him as you did the other one, then break open a bin for some Junk and the two pots for your dungeon completing rating's sake. There's also a boulder you can drill for some coins. Now you're ready to return to the previous room and head onward and into the treasure room. The item you receive is the TOY CAR.

Return to Monster Village now and give the toy car to Chucky. This will of course cause more Dark Mist to vanish, and now you can finally explore that mysterious building on the map's northwest corner: Motoro's Gym. Before you do, don't forget to have Pamela open your mystery bag so you can get the Sombrero, and talk to Disk in the junk shop while wearing your new outfit (if you bought it). He'll add an additional item to his inventory:

Disk's Shop
Item Name Cost Effect
Maid Hat 59800 Worn by all true maids.
LV.1 Effect: Rest regenerates HP

Obviously, that's a nice item that you'll want to save money toward. Note that you can change outfits in the closet back at your house if you don't like the new outfit you're wearing. When you're dressed for success, head back into Monster Village and give the Sombrero to Pierre. His bird, Francois, will fly away from under the old hat, so now you're asked to go find it for him. It should be perched on the rubble behind Pierre's house. Talk to it and you will receive FRANCOIS. Now go back and talk to Pierre again. He will change back to his old hat and give you PICTURE #9 as a reward for returning his bird. Wearing the maid's outfit, you can also go into the bakery and talk to Fan. She'll tell you it's time to work off your debt and place you behind the counter. Then customers will come in and make their orders and you have to type the things they order in a text prompt. You'll get PICTURE #8 by the time you're done. The treats the customers order are: Coffee, Cake, Ramen and ChocoCake. When all of that is done, go ahead and make your way to Motoro's Gym.

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