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Items: Crown, Ice Parts

You'll find Pimento Park at the very top of Pimento Mountain, just beyond Star Ridge (which, although it is a new area, you will want to avoid for the time being). When you enter, the star attraction is obviously the set of monkey bars. If you can climb to the top, you'll cause a present to appear nearby that contains the CROWN.

Climbing the bars can be a frustrating experience, but it's very doable. There are three main levels to conquer, though the bars extend a level or so beyond that. It's easiest to think of them as what they are: three by three grids. Imagine that you start in a single space on the first of three grids. Here's a visual representation:

  - . - . -     - . - . -     - . - . -
| A | B | C | | I | J | K | | R | S | T |
- . - . - - . - . - - . - . -
| D | E | F | | L | M | N | | U | V | W |
- . - . - - . - . - - . - . -
| G | # | H | | O | P | Q | | X | Y | Z |
- . - . - - . - . - - . - . -

Now, the '#' symbol represents your starting point at the bottom. The
following describes how to make it to the top, referencing the crude maps
  1. Walk up to square 'E'
  2. Hop over the barrier between square 'E' and 'B' so that you're standing in square 'B'
  3. From square 'B' hop right into square 'C,' which has a solid bottom and basically means you've progressed to the second level and actually are now in square 'K'
  4. From square 'K' you need to jump down to the edge between squares 'K' and 'N' (this is tricky but after a few tries, you should get used to how much you have to nudge the analogue stick to make Parin find that balance
  5. From your position on the bar between squares 'K' and 'N' jump across the open gap to square 'Q'
  6. Now you can jump left from there to the bar above the square just to your left and from there you can jump to the top of the bars
The above instructions aren't quite perfect, but at the very least they should give you an idea of one way to reach the top of the bars, the way that worked for me. Once you have the Crown, head to the corner where the fence meets the wall and there's a bench. Jump up on the bench and from there, you'll be able to jump to a groove in the wall. A path there leads up to a weakened wall. Drill through it to find a vessel that contains the ICE PARTS. Now you're done here. Head back to Tiese Town and beef it up, then make your way to the next dungeon.

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