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Items: Dresser, Gold Medal, Mystery Bag, Picture #1, Shortcake

When you arrive, Doc will have fixed the elevator and comment that its malfunction appears to have been intentional. Parin agrees and says she saw someone break it. Then Doc leaves and you can talk to Puku if you want someone to warn you to be careful. Then step on the elevator and it will take you up the face of the mountain automatically. You'll near the bottom a staircase, which in turn leads into darkness. Go ahead and enter the open door.

Wooden stakes will rise behind you as you arrive, blocking the path back to where Puku was waiting. To your left along the wall, there are nine vases you can smash. Do so for the coins they leave, then turn right. Ahead you'll see some wooden steps that lead up to a mine cart set on some tracks. Hop into the car and it will roll down the track. As it rolls, just repeatedly mash the 'X' button and Parin will keep leaping out of the cart and destroying enemies on the way while avoiding boulders. You can't really see what's coming up as the cart rides the twists and turns, but the above strategy should allow you to hit ever enemy and arrive at the end with a GOLD MEDAL for your efforts (it appears in a gift box). Break some purple vases also, then proceed through the doorway.

A door closes behind you. Now you're standing at the edge of a snow-covered area. There are two vases toward your right, resting against a cliff face, so start by heading there and smashing them. Continue along the base of the wall as it curves to the right and you'll find a pot resting against a fence. Smash it. In the same vicinity, there's a weak wall you can break through to reveal a trail. Put on your Gas Mask (or better yet, the powered up Nightcap if you have it), since there's are poisonous plants waiting inside. Take each of them out with a few swipes of your drill and also destroy the bin for five pieces of Junk, plus the three pots and any debris.

Now head out of the little dead-end cave and back toward your left. Watch the path to your right and you'll see a narrow, snow-covered ledge leading off to the right. Drop down to it and start across. Be advised that as you do, a Phantom will start firing cannonballs at you. Dodge them as normal, then hit his cannon with a charged shot to disable it. Next you can strike the Phantom, who will more likely than not fall into the abyss. Avoid following him to his grisly fate.

The area beyond where the Phantom attacked you is treacherous. If you step on it, you'll find you have almost no traction, since it's a sheet of ice. Cross slowly, and start by aiming for the ledge of snow just to the right. Jump onto that but proceed cautiously, since there's a spiky pendulum hazard swinging back and forth. Sneak past it as it swings wide and beyond, you'll find some vases you can smash. As you try to do so, two blue Phantoms will attack. You have to power your drill enough to break through their defenses. Then you can knock them for a loop and they'll probably slide off the ledge and into the abyss.

Turn back now and make your way carefully past the spiky pendulum again, back to the patch of ice. From your vantage point slightly above it, look toward your right and you'll see your next destination. It's the snow-covered path. As you reach it, a Phantom will attack. This guy is armored and likes to toss bombs. While any portion of his armor remains, he won't be going anywhere. Just charge each attack briefly so that you can work away the armor, then your final blows will send him falling. You definitely don't want larger charges or you'll go flying, too.

When the Phantom is gone, continue along the path and you'll come to a purple vase. Beyond that, there are three pots lined up in a row. Avoid them bust smash the purple vase while making a mental note of its position. I'll refer back to it eventually as 'the vase at the crossroads.' From there, head left to the end of the ledge, and from there you can jump out to another ledge. It has a bit of debris on its end, which you can break. On its opposite end, there's a purple vase to break. Note that ahead of you, a Phantom has now arrived on a ledge. It's another of the bomb-tossing guys. Avoid him while you break the nearby purple vase, then head back toward the side of the ledge where you broke the debris. At this point, the easiest way to dispose of the Phantom is to jump toward him with a leap of faith, then quickly press the 'X' button to use a targeted attack as a red ring appears around your enemy. If you try the other approach--jumping over and attacking him head on while standing on ice--you'll probably fall into the soup. This way, it'll be the Phantom that falls. Once he's out of the picture, head along the icy patch that should now be to your right and then when you arrive at the snow, break the nearby vase.

Beyond the vase, there's another patch of ice. Ridiculously, you'll have to face four of the fire-based monsters here that you probably remember from the volcanic area in the mountain's previous stage. Use Drill Tornado attacks to get rid of them quickly and try to stay on snow so that each movement isn't wildly exaggerated by the icy surface. Once you beat the enemies, there's a lever that you can pull to cause a bit of bridge to crash down elsewhere in the level. That's nice.

Remember two paragraphs I mentioned the 'vase at the crossroads?' Work your way back to that area now. You should now be facing straight ahead with the three white pots to your left. Go ahead and smash them now, since they've served their purpose as a point of reference. Now head back up to where the purple vase had been, and then up the area that slopes up to your left. You're now at a 'T' in the path. Head left toward a treasure chest, but note that another bomb-tossing Phantom will attack. Use some drill charges to knock him away, then open the treasure chest to obtain the MYSTERY BAG. Now return to the 'T' and at this point, continue up the path directly ahead of you as it wraps around a cliff wall to your left.

You should now see another patch of ice to your left, with a mound for recharging your drill at the center. Beyond that are three of the wasp-like enemies. Take them out with a series of targeted attacks and smash the vases. Now you can head up a small slop to your right to destroy some debris. With that done, work your way back to the area where you smashed the vase at the crossroads, then back from there toward the path where the spiked pendulum swings back and forth. Sneak past it and you'll find where the bridge has collapsed as a result of the lever you pulled a few minutes ago.

Cross the rust-colored bridge and break the pot there, then turn toward your right. The path snakes through a series of more spiky pendulums. Navigate the area slowly and turn left as the patch does. There, you'll see a large patch of ice with another of the spiked pendulums. To the right, there are some white pots you can smash, if you make it through safely. Making it through safely means just moving slowly until you are about in the path of the trap, then rushing just after it swings past and quickly halting before you slide off the edge. Head over to the white pots now. One of them is a Phantom in disguise, so be ready to hit it a few times. There's also a cracked wall behind it that will yield some coins. Now turn around so that the icy patch with a circling pendulum is directly ahead. You'll see some more vases and the door to the next portion of the stage. There's also a health-restoring platform that you probably need, so make use of it, smash the vases and then proceed through the door.

In this area, bars will drop below you so that the way back is blocked. There are two pots here, one to your right and one on your left. Destroy them, then proceed along the rock-lined path ahead. When you arrive at the wall, follow the trail left and smash some debris along the way. There's a gap you'll have to leap over as the trail continues to gain elevation. On the other side is more debris you can break, and the trail next continues under some finger-shaped bones. Keep walking and pretty soon you'll reach the top of the path. There's a lever there that you can pull. When you do, this will cause a group of Phantoms to ride over to face you. Charged shots are necessary to break apart some of their armor. Then you can use Drill Tornado attacks to finish them off. Now that you've got the lift working, hop on the round platform when it comes around and ride it across the gap to the snowy ledge on the other side.

When you land, there's a purple vase you can smash to your right, and in that direction a crumbling trail continues. There are some gaps you'll have to cross. Note that part of the path a short distance after the second gap will crumble and fall away as you walk over it, so keep moving quickly to avoid disaster. Along the same path, the area just before the finger-shaped bones will do the same thing. From there, the path is safe until you reach the circular fenced area on the top. As you enter that space, a Phantom will attack from behind and three of his fellows will attack from the left. Most of these guys are armored, so you'll have to use short drill charges to eliminate their defensive shields, then finish up with some Drill Tornado attacks.

After the enemies perish, a gate will drop so that you can proceed along a precarious ledge leading to the left. Three wasp-like enemies are just on the other side, hovering over as many white pots. Use targeted attacks to take care of the enemies and then smash the pots. Now head to the right, leap over a wide gap and destroy two more vases. Follow the path as it winds around the rising mountain peak, and jump another gap onto a snow-covered area ahead. At the end of this snowy ledge, you'll notice that there's a moving ledge ahead. It extends from the wall briefly, then disappears again. You have to time your jump so that you can land on the ledge and then leap from there to stationary ground. The best time to jump is just as the ledge starts to extend from the wall, so that you land on it before it starts to pull away. Then jump quickly again and you should be just fine. Note that the ledge beyond is covered in ice, so don't build up too much momentum.

Speaking of that ice-covered ledge, you should work slowly along it until you can see a ladder ahead. Now, go ahead and make a straight run across a bit of the ice and leap for the ladder. If you don't have enough speed, you'll fall below but it won't cost you any life. You'll just have to circle around and make another attempt. When you successfully reach the other side, continue up the trail and you'll come to a circular fenced area again. There's a lift here that consists of two platforms, each with an armored enemy. You need to take out both enemies by jumping on one platform at a time and using short-charged drill attacks. When the enemies are gone, cross the lift over to the other side of the gap. You'll find a bin with some Junk and a purple vase. There's also a weak spot in the wall, so drill it to find a stand where you can refill your life meter.

Now head left along the mountain from there, leaping from ledges that stick out from the rocky spire. They fall if you stand on them too long, so you'll have to keep moving. If your life gets low as a result of too many failed attempts, at least you re-materialize near the life-restoring platform. As you make your way up and around the spire, you'll also find some icy patches and some of the ledges that extend from the mountain and recede again. Just before you attempt those, jump forward toward the first of them but allow yourself to drop down while keeping close to the edge of the mountain (it may even work best to land on the ledge and allow it to retreat into the wall, then just slide down the face of the cliff to the area just below). You'll arrive on a hidden ledge. Work your way around it to find a treasure chest that contains SHORTCAKE. Now you can walk back left and hop back to the platform where the life platform is. This time you want to ascend the trail completely. Remember when you come to the three moving ledges the second time that the timing is the same as when you encountered a single moving ledge earlier in the level. Just be careful not to rush yourself and you should make it just fine.

At the top of this peak, you'll find several more Phantom enemies. Two of them toss bombs and one of them rushes quickly to a cannon. Take out the cannon first with a short, charged attack. Then worry about the armor on the guys tossing bombs, and finally finish everyone off with some Drill Tornado attacks. You're now free to cross a twisting catwalk leading off toward the left, to a door that will let you head to the next portion of the level. Cross slowly and when you're on the ice, make sure that you're nudging the analogue stick to direct where the slippery surface will take you. On the opposite side, don't forget to smash the two purple vases that are partially obscured by rock before you head through the door.

You've finally arrived at the area's treasure room. Smash debris if you wish, then jump to the altar to collect the DRESSER. Now you can leave to the world map and head back to the Monster Village. There, head through the portal to Tiese Town. Talk to Chucky on the stairs and Parin will inform him that she has his dresser. The scene will change back to Monster Village, where Chucky's gratitude will cause more Dark Mist to vanish from the world map. You can now explore more areas to the west and east. Now talk to him again and you can place the joke glasses on him that you found in Bracken Hollow. He'll say something rude and Parin will be offended. Talk to Rocko, Pierre and Poco and all of them will comment on the temperature. Then talk to Chucky again. You'll receive PICTURE #1. Now it's time to head back out to the world map and tackle the next dungeon.

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