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Items: Energy Oil, Mystery Bag(x2), Power Oil, Statue

At the entrance to the mountain, Parin will talk with Puku while Motoro runs around in the background. It seems this is a dangerous place (as you might have suspected) where one wrong step can send you tumbling. After the discussion, you'll automatically head into the dungeon and wooden stakes will rise to block the path back to the entrance.

Head up the path ahead of you. When you reach the top, it curves toward the right. Two winged Phantoms swoop in to attack. Start charging your drill and let them come to you. When they get too close, they'll launch into the air and start firing projectiles. Run around to avoid their shots, get some distance so the Phantoms land, then use your charged drill attack to defeat them. They're not that tough, and when they're gone, you're free to explore the immediate vicinity. Head toward where the Phantoms appeared and break some pots. Beyond there, you'll see striped yellow and black enemies hovering in the air. Head toward them and take care of them, as well as some nearby pots. Then continue along the trail and there are still more of the flying yellow and black enemies. Defeat them as well, and drill the boulder nearby for some coins. Now head back the way you came and there should be a trail leading upward on your left, along the face of the mountain. There's a locked door at the top, so you can't go through there yet, but keep that location in mind. You'll be back momentarily. From the base of the trail, keep heading forward but this time follow the face of the mountain as it slopes gently left.

You should now be above the trail you climbed when you first entered this area. As you proceed, you'll see a swinging, spiked enemy to your right, blocking a path in that direction. There's also a purple vase you can smash on your left. Now head forward a bit to the path the spiked monster is guarding. Beyond that, you should also see a second of the autonomous creatures. Step or guard dash through when it's safe and you'll reach a ledge where you can open a treasure chest for ENERGY OIL. You can also break the rubble there for some coins. Now pass back through the spiky enemies and where the path forms a 'T', head to your right.

Things get pretty narrow here. Smash some debris along the way for coins, and just beyond that some armored bat Phantoms will attack. Keep running ahead, to solid ground. That will prevent them from luring you out into the abyss. Defeat them by jumping and using targeted attacks while over safe ground. When the bats are gone, you should have collected some junk. Now backtrack a bit along the narrow portion of the trail and drill the wall there for some coins before heading onward to where you defeated the bats. From there, you can head to the right to a mound and recharge your drill, as well as pull a lever. That lever opens a nearby gate, which is next to yet another lever. Head toward where the gate just opened, but don't pass through yet. Instead, pull the lever near it.

Now, remember I mentioned a trail with a gate at the top that was to return as a reference point and promised you'd be returning to it? You're returning. Pass through this gate, take out some yellow and black enemies and look to the left. You're at the base of that trail I told you to keep in mind before, but now the gate at the top is open. Pass through and there are two more of the flying, helmeted Phantom enemies to defeat. When you take care of them, press onward to a narrow trail that leads up higher. Climb to its top to a multi-tiered plateau. Here, you can break apart several vases and bits of debris. You'll notice two switches. There's also a glowing tile nearby, and a locked gate. When you step on the tile, you'll cause crates to materialize.

There are a total of three crates, and three switches. The crate that stands alone you can simply push over to a switch. You'll hear a click as it slides into place. The other two crates are stacked haphazardly. Jump on the lower of the two crates and push the above one over and fully onto the grassy ledge (at first, it's only partially on the grass and the rest of it is resting on the crate beneath). From there, push and pull it over to the nearby switch. That leaves the final crate to maneuver. Step to the narrow space between it and the wall and from there, push it across to the final switch. This will cause the nearby gate to fall away and gain you access to a suspension bridge. Before you cross it, look back at the fenced cliff edge. You'll notice a place where the fence is missing. Walk straight off that ledge and you'll drop down to a hidden area below. Follow the path to find a treasure chest that contains the MYSTERY BAG (you can later take this to Pamela in town for a MAGIC HOOD item).

Cross the suspension bridge and note that you'll want to charge your drill as you do so. There's a blue shield enemy on the other end, so take it out with your charged attack and any necessary follow-up. Then there are some floating yellow and black enemies (wasps?) to take care of before you can then pass through the black opening and into the next area.

Here, a grate will fall shut behind you. Move forward and there's a narrow path that takes off to your right. As you start around it, be cautious. A distant Phantom is manning a cannon and lobbing shots your way. You'll need to use your dash guard technique to get close enough to do anything about him without taking damage. When you reach him, take him out with a few Drill Tornado moves, then a charged drill attack for the cannon itself. Now smash some pots and proceed forward. You'll see a gap and a ledge with a boulder on it. Jump out to that ledge. If you attempt to drill the boulder, make sure that you only power your drill up to one bar before releasing the 'X' button. This will break open the boulder just fine and allow you to collect the coins, while a more extended charge will allow you to break the boulder but then go flying off into space before you can collect your reward. From the ledge with the boulder, you can jump to a wider bit of ground.

Phantoms will attack here as you move forward. They fall easily to your Drill Tornado attacks and you get some Junk as a reward. Just don't get so vicious with your attacks that you drop off an edge and into a pit. Once those monsters are defeated, there's another long leap you must make to the next ledge. Do so, and from there hop up and follow the trail under what looks like giant bony fingers. Two bat-shaped Phantoms will attack here. Take them out with targeted attacks and be careful again not to fall. When they're gone, keep moving ahead. You'll see a huge, dark blue wall. Keep pressed against the cliff as you approach and walk off the edge of the nearby ledge. You'll drop to an area below with some pots and a bin that contains some Junk. Now jump forward and continue around the left side of the blue wall to destroy some purple vases. The wall behind them is weak, so drill that to reveal a path through the rock.

Climb up the path and as you come through the other side, jump back above you to find a ledge where you can smash some pots. Above there, you can jump to find a platform that refills your health if you need it. Act as necessary, then jump back down and continue climbing up the path you revealed when you drilled the weak wall. This will cause a bunch of Phantoms to descend on the area ahead. You can only reach them by taking a long leap from an outcropping ahead. Destroy any remaining vases first, then make the leap.

When you land in the area that the Phantoms are occupying below, move toward them with a charged drill attack ready and unleash it when you can safely strike some of the blue-skinned beasts. From there, it's time to finish things up with Drill Tornado attacks and charge attacks if necessary. When the enemies are gone, you'll be able to look out and see a series of ledges that leads out to a lever and some purple vases. Hop out across the ledges, smash open the vases and pull the lever. This will open a gate up above. Hop back to where you defeated the group of Phantoms and you should look to your left to see some ledges you can climb. Do so, then hop out to another outcropping, and from there to where you can see a ladder dangling along the wall. If you aimed properly, Parin will grab the ladder and you can climb up to the area on top.

There are more enemies here, of the wasp variety. They're slightly ahead of you and to the left. Head toward them and take care of them with targeted attacks followed through by a Drill Tornado assault. Break the purple vase beyond them, then pass through the opening.

Inside the mountain, you'll find white pots to the left and right of the doorway, which is now locked behind you. Break them, then head forward toward some sleeping enemies. You've never encountered these guys before. They're red in color and they can take a fair bit of damage. They also breathe fire, which does some definite damage to your life meter. Drill Tornado attacks seem to work best, especially since you might wake up a second enemy while taking care of the first. There are four of the guys, so take care of them and then work your way along a narrow, winding ledge that leaves out over a lake of lava.

This area is quite tricky, since chunks of the ground can fall away and leave you to take a bath in the molten soup. Swing the camera often to make sure that you're not about to step off a ledge, and time your leaps carefully because lava balls sometimes make burning arcs over the area. When you reach the first large bit of land, a series of Phantoms will attack. A simple Drill Attack should send them flying and into the soup, where they won't bother you anymore. From there, you have some options on how to proceed. To your right you should see a container that holds some Junk, if you feel like jumping out to bust it open. There's also a nearby boulder that hides a weakened wall. You can drill both for coins.

Left from that same large platform where the Phantoms attacked, you can jump over some gaps to reach a chest that contains the POWER OIL if you really want it. There's a mound of dirt here that will let you recharge your drill and you can also drill a weakened wall for coins and a treasure chest that contains a MYSTERY BAG. Then make your way back to the largest of the rock islands and make your way along the winding path you should see that leads to a purple vase. A good chunk of that ledge will fall away when you put weight on it, so be ready to backtrack as some of the rock drops lower. Then when you know where you can safely trod, step out on the narrow precipice that remains and jump from there to the other side. Drilling the wall beyond the vase reveals a new path you can follow. Before doing so, you can also hop to the right and break open the pig-shaped vase. The wall behind it can be drilled for coins, as can the nearby boulder (just remember not to fully power your drill or you'll fly off the edge of the ledge and not get any coins in the process).

When you're ready, climb up the path you revealed by drilling the weak wall just beyond the purple vase. It leads up to three Phantom enemies who will attack with cannon fire, so eat some Chocolate if you need to boost your energy after falls in the lava. As for the Phantoms, you need to use charged shots to take out their cannons. You can hit two or three at once with a single attack if you line yourself up to the left of them. The Phantoms themselves wear armor and also need to be hit with charge attacks, though sometimes the Drill Tornado move also works. You should get a lot of copper coins and Junk for your trouble.

Past those Phantoms, the trail continues to an area with some purple vases you can break and an unlit torch. Switch to the Fire Parts if you don't have them equipped and you can swipe at it to light it. This will cause the door to open and three Phantom enemies will step through. You can take care of them with charged drill attacks. The one big guy can do quite a bit of damage, especially if you let him hit you with aura blasts, so act lively and keep moving while rotating the camera. A few charged shots should rid you of the whole lot of Phantoms.

Through the doorway, you'll find the treasure room. There're plenty of rubble piles here that you can break open for copper coins if you're not in a hurry. When you're ready, step on the altar to collect the STATUE. Now return to Monster Village and give it to Rocko. His joy at seeing his precious 'Josefine' will cause more Dark Mist to dissipate on the world map. Now you can explore further west. Clearly, that's where you should head next, but first you should take a trip to Tiese town.

Cylinder's inventory has changed, you'll discover. Here're the updated options (assuming you've already purchased the special moves he offered previously; if you haven't, they'll also be available):

Cylinder's Shop
Item Name Cost Effect
Cyclo Parts 7000 Go from Drillnado to Spinning Dance.
Energy Oil 1000 Temporarily protects drill energy.
Power Oil 1500 Restores lost drill energy.

If you can, you might want to go ahead and buy the CYCLO PARTS. You'll be taken to a tutorial screen, as normal. Basically, the way your new move works is that you start by performing a Drill Tornado, then attack again with the 'X' button, just a basic attack. You'll perform what's called the 'Spinning Dance.' It's a great way to extend your combos and damage those persistent Phantoms.

Once you buy the Cyclo Parts, assuming you've purchased all the other moves before, you'll be able to buy a final part. Cylinder's inventory should look like this:

Cylinder's Shop
Item Name Cost Effect
Master Parts 9999 Allows you to use Dragon Flame attack.
Energy Oil 1000 Temporarily protects drill energy.
Power Oil 1500 Restores lost drill energy.

When you buy the Master Parts, you'll be taken to your final tutorial for a special move. The 'Dragon Flame' attack is executed by first using a Guard Dash, then rotating the directional buttons and attacking. So yeah, it's pretty much like another move you recently obtained. The difference is that you have to have your level 3 drill to use it. Now you know every special move you can ever learn.

Head to the junk shop and Disk will complain about losing his glasses. He apparently is having trouble seeing, and even sold Fan some dynamite instead of candles by mistake. He's really in dire shape. Pamela will also open your mystery bags for you, if she hasn't already. One contains CHOCOLATE and the other a MAGIC HOOD. The latter adds strength to your elemental attacks, which is sure to come in handy soon. With all of your business in Tiese Town tended to, head back to Monster Village and from there, leave for the world map and the next dungeon to the west.

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