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Items: Life Gem

When Parin enters, she'll find herself facing Prince yet again. He's impressed with your performance so far, but he still holds one of your friends captive. He reveals that his true goal isn't to restore the Phantom Kingdom, even if that's what his minions would like. Then he leaves.

Climb up the stairs behind him and through an arch, then pass through a dark entryway and into the room beyond. Here, Parin will see a huge lake full of water. In a cage above the soup waits Chucky, a monster friend. Then a beast comes out of the water. Make sure you have the goggles equipped to avoid water damage and the Shock Parts so your attacks do the most damage. At this point, Roger attacks.

Boss Battle: Roger

Roger mostly swims around the water nearby, and there are circular patches of safe ground all around the middle island that will serve as your base of operations. Roger attacks by swimming around the area, popping up occasionally to send fish flopping past you or bursts of aura. If the aura hits you, it's bad news. The fish aren't much better. Sometimes Roger even attacks directly by rolling out of the water and over the platform you're on, a move you can for the most part avoid with the Dash guard.

The only way you're going to harm him is by jumping out onto one of the little islands that come near him, or by jumping and pressing the attack button when the bubble around his face flashes red. You don't want to bump into Roger, but you'll have to get close enough to start mashing the 'X' and 'O' buttons together. That's the way to rack up massive damage by attacking, bouncing, attacking again and so forth. You're still going to have a tough battle since his life meter is so lengthy, though.

About halfway through the battle, Roger will also switch up his method of attack. He'll cause the water to sink and he'll start swimming around while you have to fight to find solid land. Just keep attacking him when you get the chance, remembering to really mash the 'X' and 'O' buttons when you get in close because you can chain together a solid series of blows where you're doing all the damage and Roger is just shuddering.

After you've done decent damage, he'll sink back into the water and then start swimming around, knocking ledges this way and that. Stay near the center when you see him doing that and he won't harm you at all. If you see him pause and start gathering a charge, you want to get as far from him as possible, and preferably on solid land so that you can jump to avoid a flashwave attack. Or if you're in too close to get away, move in and go for the kill with more attacks.

Fill up on restorative items when you need to and soon enough, victory will be yours. Roger will lose the fight like the big fish he is.

As usual, your reward for defeating a boss is a LIFE GEM. Another boost to your life meter is always good, right? Grab it from the middle island that appears after Roger bites the big one, then watch afterwards as Parin and the monsters talk. Chucky was the last abducted monsters, so everyone is safe now. Cream watches after you leave, astonished that her predecessors have failed to beat you but pleased because that means she has Prince all to herself. Save when the game when it prompts you, then return to the world map. Head back to Monster Village.

Puku will greet you upon your arrival. He says there's something everyone needs to discuss. You'll join your monster friends for a meeting. It seems repairs on the village are going quite well. However, they need a sponsor. Poco suggests asking Pecky. He's notoriously difficult to deal with, so they decide that it would be best for everyone if you ask him. He'll trust you, they say, because you have the legendary drill. With that objective in mind, it's time to go find the rich recluse. Before you do, stop by Tiese Town and talk to your grandfather to pick up the MONKEY HAT in exchange for four gold medals (if you haven't collected that many from clearing dungeons, you haven't been following this walkthrough). With that done, it's time to seek out Pecky. You'll find his not-so-humble abode to the far northeast.

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