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Item: Chocolate, Table

When Parin enters, she'll find herself facing a door with an iron grate covering it. There are stone statue heads on either side of the door she used to enter, so take care of those first for some coins. Then approach the gargoyle-shaped statue near the gate and talk to it. He says that you must show him your power if you wish to pass through. Stand in front of him and use your Tornado Drill move. He'll allow you to pass through to the next room.

In this new room, you'll see an archway you can pass through, and to the left of that a ladder. Either option leads to the same place. It's quicker just to go through the door and hop up some ledges you won't see because of the camera angle. Once you're through, destroy some stone statues and a pillar for coins. You'll notice an area with a low railing that looks out on a pool of water with ledges spaced throughout. That's where you need to go next. Jump over the short railing and use the stone ledges to cross over to a larger platform. Note that there are three fish swimming in this area. The way to beat them is to jump out of the water until a red ring surrounds them. Then you can use a targeted attack to spear them with your drill. Make sure that you do so, then tend to the pots lining the stone ledges around you. On the platform with the oddly shaped stone carving, there's a weak wall. Use a powered drill to break through it and collect a few more coins. Finally, you're ready to move to the largest platform in the room, the one with a very short flight of stairs leading up to it from the water.

When you step on the ledge and head toward the doors, expect an attack; they fold open and a string of green cube-shaped enemies march forward to ruin your day. You can take them out pretty easily with charged shots if you haven't taken damage from the fish, but even close combat with these guys shouldn't prove too intimidating. Destroy the stone columns and nearby vases, then proceed through the open doors and into the next room. Ahead, you'll see a bunch of pots sitting at the head of a staircase that winds its way down around the raised ledge. Break open the pots for some coins, then follow the stairs downward. When you reach the bottom, you'll find four unlit lamps.

Each lamp you light except for the last one prompts enemies to appear. These enemies tend to be armored and rather deadly. They wheel around with huge drills in front of them, so you'll immediately want to start charging a shot after lighting each lamp and let them come at you in a line that you can be sure your charged attack won't miss. That should destroy their vehicles, while a second charge shot will be necessary to dislodge their armor so that you can salvage it for Junk. Make sure that you also break apart any debris lying around the area before proceeding through the archway when the iron grating lifts.

In the next area, start by destroying the pots to your left and right. You're at the top of a steep staircase now. As you descend, note that on the floor ahead, there are square patches filled with circles. Spikes come out of those at regular intervals. Unless you like pain, spikes are bad. Avoid them. You still want to break apart the stone columns, though, particularly the one that's in the corner to the left side of the staircase as you first descend. Breaking it reveals a bin that contains a bunch of Junk. On the side of the room, you'll also notice a grated door and a ladder to its right. Climb the ladder up a ledge, then you'll see a narrow beam stretching out toward a floating ledge. Walk carefully out on the beam, then jump to the greenish ledge. This will prompt a second one to appear after a moment. Walk out onto that one as the first one that appeared started to fade. You're going to basically have to walk along a line that's shaped like a horseshoe as new ledges slowly appear and keep you guessing where to go next. When you reach the opposite side of the airborne gauntlet, you'll find a lever that you can pull to open the door far below. Then you can jump out to the left, to a ledge some distance over the floor, and then from there to the floor before passing through the doorway.

Once you do, you'll see some purple vases that you can break to your left. Do so, then head down the hall to the right. As you follow it, you'll come to an area with colored bands across the floor. As you approach, that triggers a Phantom to bust out of the wall. Charge your drill and turn away promptly. Though the camera didn't make it obvious, he actually is attacking you from behind. It's the same guy that was such a pain in the butt in the forest. Your charged shot will remove his shield but it could very well miss (that would be bad). Once his shield is gone, move in close and swing your drill like mad to hit him before he lets loose projectiles and other damaging things along those lines. Once he's defeated, continue down the hallway and break some pots before heading through the door and into the next room.

Explore this area and as you do, two sets of two spiders will drop from the ceiling. They're the red variety and thus take a little extra punishment, but you still should be able to defeat them without taking any damage. Also destroy the wood carving that looks like a pyramid, and use charged drill attacks to remove the stone pillars. There's also a patch of soil that you can use to refill your drill a bit, in case you took damage in the brutal fight in the proceeding hallway. When you're done destroying debris, head along the wall and skirt its outer edge near the fence's left side to make your way around it and break open a vase, destroy a wood carving and open a treasure chest for some CHOCOLATE. Now go back around and ascend the staircase that runs along the room's edge.

At the top of the stairs, look down the walkway and you'll see a Phantom. Make sure that you charge your drill before you approach, then start toward him and let loose with your charged shot. An alarm will sound as two of his companions behind him join the fray. You're probably going to do best if you use the Tornado Drill to take care of things (and that won't prevent you from getting some Junk). Take out the monsters and you've probably pushed onward through the arch and into a room with some pots and a vase forming a square on the floor. There's also a boulder blocking the way to the next room. Start by tending to the pots and vase.

When you go through the next room, you'll see an open doorway leading forward. Start powering up your drill as you approach it. When you get near, an iron grating comes up. Suddenly you're in a room with a Phantom... and his two buddies. If you need to, munch on some candy and then take care of the guys with some Tornado Drill attacks and maybe a few charged hits. Note that if they hit you much at all, you are dead. It's as simple as that. Their shots do way too much damage. It's best to move in right away and let loose with the Tornado shots until the gunslinger is gone, then finish up with the charged shots on his cohorts (charged shots are the best way to remove their spiked belts). After you defeat the enemies, remove the wooden crates with drill attacks, and also break open the pot. Then pass through the next doorway.

Depending on how your trip through this dungeon has been going, you'll probably be relieved to find that you've reached the treasure room. Break the pillars if you want a lot of valuable coins, then jump on the altar to grab the TABLE. Now you'll be taken back to the world map in victory. Head back to Monster Village and talk to Pierre, who is depressed because of his missing table. You'll give him the one you just recovered from the ruins, which will cause the Dark Mist to loosen its grip on the landscape and make another portion of the map available. You can now explore further to the southeast in the ruins.

Before you take advantage of that, it's probably a good time to head back to the village. Talk to your grandpa as he enters and he'll mention that your parents have contacted him about some new ruins they found. Also, you can trade coins for prizes and money. Perhaps there's even something nice he'll give you. That's not why you're here, though. Unless you've been spending, you now have enough money to buy a few different things. You should also have enough Junk to make an upgrade. I recommend upgrading the headband to level 3, which will give you a 25% reduction in damage while wearing it, in addition to the 50% increase in attack power. When you're done shopping, return to the world map by way of Monster Village and head to the area you just made available in the southeast.

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