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Items: Life Gem

The Forest Ballroom is now available in Radish Woods, so you might as well go there next. When you enter, Prince is waiting. He informs you that a friend waits inside the dungeon. He challenges you to defeat the lord of the forest that waits beyond. Before you enter, chop all of the torches and debris to bits for coins. Also, make sure that you have the Shock Parts equipped. Then step through the door.

Inside the dungeon, Parin will run forward toward her friend, Rocko. He warns her to stay back as a monster descends from the sky. That monster is Mosby, a giant butterfly monster. Rocko tries to understand what it's saying so he can translate, but has no luck. Then it's time to fight. He explains that the Phantoms plan to rebuild the Phantom Kingdom. Then the battle begins.

Boss Battle: Mosby

As your battle with Mosby begins, you will notice pedestals rising from the surface of the forest floor, then lowering. Several of these are large, with enough space to stand on, but I've come to the conclusion that such ledges are just a distraction. You can ignore them completely and still beat Mosby. In fact, you may even find it simpler.

As Mosby circles in the air, keep out of his way while he fires the occasional projectile. One attack is a laser, and he also starts firing shots up into the air that will gradually fall down around you. He even has one move that turns the screen red and then sends a shockwave crashing along the surface. Plus, he's not afraid to dive if it suits him.

What you're watching for is the moment when he sends out three blue bats. You then can jump toward one and it will be targeted in red. Fly forward to kill it mid-air, then jump immediately again and repeat on the next bat, then the next, and finally you bounce from that one to attack Mosby. If the blow hits, you'll send him tumbling lower to the ground, where you should then use repeated launch attacks to quickly drain a portion of his meter. He'll shake it off eventually, but you should have worked off around a fifth of his life meter.

As Mosby rises to the air after you've managed a successful few attacks, make sure that you get away from him as quickly as possible. During the next few seconds, he'll be launching powerful attacks that are difficult to avoid, and your chances of hitting him back are slim to none. Wait until he launches more bats, and then repeat the old routine until finally you win.

Once Mosby goes down, another crystal falls from the sky. Grab it and you've just acquired another LIFE GEM to boost your maximum HP. Cream and Roger watch from a distance, commenting on who's going to beat Parin during her next encounter with a boss. It looks like Roger is your next adversary. You'll get to watch some video that explains why the Phantoms are doing what they're doing. Rocko thanks you for saving him. Then you are taken back to the world map after saving. Go ahead and go to the Monster Village. Talk to Pino and she'll mention that Rocko headed to Tiese Town. You should follow.

When you enter town, you'll see Cylinder. He wants to know if you'd like to buy any additional parts. Here's his revised inventory list:

Cylinder's Shop
Item Name Cost Effect
Beta Parts 4000 Allows you to use Pretty Missile attack.
Wind Parts 5000 Allows you to use Downward Lunge attack.
Energy Oil 1000 Temporarily protects drill energy.
Power Oil 1500 Restores lost drill energy.

Those may be tempting options, but you should also keep the junk shop's inventory in mind. Is there something you're saving up for there that you'd rather purchase? Keep it in mind when you make your decision. You're at the point in the game where you'd probably like to buy everything, but that'll mean going back to familiar dungeons and completing them a few times just to raise money.

If you buy any of the above items, make it the Wind Parts. That's the cooler of the two attacks. If you buy it, you'll be taken to a tutorial that explains how to use it. Basically, you jump into the air, then rotate the analogue stick before pressing the 'X' button in midair to attack. Not too tough.

If for some reason you want the Beta Parts instead, you'll learn the 'Pretty Missile' attack. It's basically a 'Drill Tornado' move that immediately follows a dash guard. So what you do is press 'Square' to do the dash guard, then immediately rotate the analogue stick and follow it up with a quick press of the 'X' button to attack. It's a bit more powerful than the Drill Tornado, but harder to execute. Still, you may find it useful for those moments where you are approaching enemies that fire projectiles.

Anyway, you can find Rocko in the junk shop when you're ready. Talk to him and he'll say he just came to see what's happening in the town, since he heard it was neat. He makes no offer to leave. If you're done here, you can stock up on sweets at the bakery if you need them. Then it's time to go to the next dungeon. Head east of Monster Village, to Mile Palace in Potato Ruins.

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