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Items: Shock Parts

Before you go to another actual dungeon, you might as well explore an area that doesn't come with monster and treasure chest objectives. That place is Asparagus Lake, located in the northeast portions of the map. You'll find it along the trail leading north from Mole Dojo. It's just a little lake with a dock looking out on it.

Enter and you'll find yourself facing a bridge that leads out into the water. Before trying to cross it, head to your left where a Phantom is jogging in place. It's Bob! He's training so that the next time you meet in battle, he can defeat you. He mentions that he's seen lightning strike at the other side of the lake and thinks there may be something over there. He may be right.

If you go back to the bridge that leads out onto the water and take a right instead of a left, you'll find a sign indicating that a nearby building belongs to Pecky, as his summer home. That's nice. Return to that main little bridge you saw when you first entered and walk to the end. There's a boat there shaped like a white duck. Jump into it and press 'X' and it will cross the lake. When it reaches the far bank, jump out and swim a short distance to the right (you'll want to have Level 2 goggles equipped, of course). You can jump up onto a small dock from there and run up the bank to a weakened wall.

With a powered drill attack, burst through the wall to find a pot that contains SHOCK PARTS. You can equip it to add an electrical charge to your drills. Now you're ready to exit the area and head to the next dungeon. Head west to the woods and try your luck in Forest Ballroom.

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