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Items: Chocolate, Shoebox

As Parin enters, she hears someone following her. It's the familiar blue cat, Motoro. He tries hiding in the trees, but Parin sees him anyway and suddenly remembers their last encounter. He runs away and leaves her to explore the forest. As you prepare to do so, you'll notice a raised gate with two torches. One is lit and the other isn't. Destroy the nearby stone columns, then read the sign. It advises you that something or other is flammable. Of course, it means the torch (duh!). Make sure that you have the Fire Parts equipped (if you do, you'll see a little fire icon displayed on the left side of the screen) and swipe at the flameless torch. It'll light on fire and the gate will lower, granting you access to the next area.

Pass through the darkness and you'll emerge in the midst of more forestation. You've now properly entered the dungeon, and wooden stakes will bar the way back to the dungeon entrance. Ahead, you'll see a relatively open area. When you walk forward, you can break open some vases and a tree and boulder. The path branches to the left and the right, and both directions are patrolled by razor-sharp spike balls. You can press the 'Square' button to safely glide through them if you think on your feet.

Start by heading left along the path, past the single spiked ball. Beyond, you'll find a treasure chest resting on a stump. It contains CHOCOLATE, which you should have room for in your inventory. Grab that, then take care of the glowing orange tree that was woken by your activity. Remember that moving in close and launching a series of quick attacks is the best way to emerge from the fight unscathed. A second tree in the area also will come to life, so be watchful of that. There's also an available mound where you can charge your drill if needed. After those ordeals passes, demolish the rest of the trees and any other destructible objects for the coins they yield. Now head back along the path, so that you're in the first clearing you came to upon entering the forest dungeon. This time you're going to take the right fork in the road.

Along that path you'll find more of the spikey things than you did along the path to the left. Once you move past the second of the rolling spike balls, you should see a trail that branches left through a grassy canyon. Wander down that path to find a vase at the end, which you can break for some coins. Continue along the path and you'll find a Phantom with armor. When you approach, he'll run left and vanish. You should see a weak wall there, which you can break apart to find not only the guy you were just chasing, but another armor-equipped Phantom. The latter is weak to fire attacks. Charge attack him, then finish up with some Tornado Spin attacks that should keep you safe from both enemies. When you're done, destroy the tree in the area with a charge attack and pull the lever, which will drop a nearby gate.

Now head back out of this dead-end clearing and take a right. You're going to do some backtracking, and things can get a little confusing at this point. Follow the rock path as it loops back to a burning torch. You can pass through the opening near the torch, but don't do so yet. Instead, continue along the path and watch the wall to the right for cracks. You can drill it to get a bunch of coins. Continue along the path and you'll come to a 'T' where the path heads left and right. There's also a purple vase here resting at the base of a tree, so make sure that you break it (and the tree too).

From there, continue along the path to the left, past where you just broke the vase. You've now worked your way in a circle that took you back to the place where you pulled that lever. Continue along the path and this time when you come to the torch, pass through the opening into a clearing.

In this new area, you should see a dark red spider dangling ahead. You ought to have your projectile shot available to you, or if you don't the enemy will succumb easily enough to standard swipes of the drill. The spider isn't your main concern. When you jump to the ground, you'll attack a series of pumpkins. They breathe fire and it's hard to avoid them all at once, so the key is to take them out quickly with Tornado Spin attacks. This prompts more of them to appear. Repeat the process and you'll take out a bunch of them for some serious cash.

You may also notice a well in the area. Make sure that you have your goggles equipped, then jump down it to land in a shallow area of water at the bottom. There are several pots you can break down here, as well as a few ledges jutting out from the wall. Hop up those and to the side of the third, you'll notice a weak wall. Drill it to reveal a hidden side room. Pass through that (collecting coins along the way), then hop up to a raised ledge and press against the wall to the right to squeeze through another narrow passage. At the end of that passage, you'll find more ledge on which to maneuver. Follow it around, careful not to fall down the pit, and you'll find two pots at the base of a ladder. Bust them open and climb the ladder to a higher ledge, next to a platform you can use to refill your life meter. You're now back in the clearing where the pumpkins attacked you.

Destroy any trees and also jump up on the ledge where two purple pots rest. Near them, there's a weak wall that you can drill to reveal a hidden path branching off to the left. Follow it and you'll soon run into another fork in the path. You can't go right just yet because of wooden stakes, so head left instead. As the path widens into a wider trail, you'll see what looks like a log along the ground in your way. You can easily pass around it, but you might as well demolish it for coins. Beyond, a tree, some flowers, a torch and a crate await.

The flowers are enemies. When you get near, they'll attack by spewing black balls. There are three of them, and one was blocked by the tree. Don't let it hit you from behind while you're concentrating on its companions. Once you've taken care of the three vicious flowers, also destroy the tree just so you have an unobstructed view of the area (as well as more coins). You should notice a nearby boulder, next to a gray switch. Destroy the boulder with a charged shot, and also the weakened wall behind it. You'll get a bunch of coins for your trouble. Now push the crate so that it rests on the switch. This will open the gate back the way you just came. Though you may be tempted to follow the exposed path ahead before you backtrack, don't bother; it just leads back to an area you've already explored. Instead, backtrack to the gate you just opened and pass through it into the next area. You'll know it by the two purple vases you haven't yet had a chance to smash. Do so now.

In this clearing, you'll see two torches straight ahead, and a dark hole beyond that leads to unexplored territory. As you come even with the torches, gates will rise to block your way and a dark Phantom will hop into the clearing behind you. He's wearing armor, so charge your drill while he approaches and then let him have it (if you need to turn the camera quickly to see, don't forget that the 'Triangle' does so instantly). This monster is actually fairly tough, with a life meter. He bounces around the area once you've removed his armor, and connecting with his large girth will do considerable damage to your own life meter (and drilling capabilities). Also, he fires a projectile. The trick is to keep moving while swinging the camera around so that you don't lose sight of him. If you have to, there's a handy chocolate bar in your inventory, so don't be afraid to use it as necessary.

When you defeat the monster, gates will drop and you'll be able to proceed to the next room. Here, you're looking out over a large body of water. When you jump in, you'll notice that there is a fish swimming around who means you harm. Avoid him and continue onward to the opposite bank. Once you're on dry land, two Phantoms will drop to attack. You should use charged attacks to defeat them for Junk, then also use a charged drill to destroy the tree and the week wall it hides. There are plenty of coins in it for you. Next, jump up on the bank and break the vase to snag still more coins.

Once you have those coins, drop back down to the lowest level of the little island and you'll notice a moving platform that drifts between it and a higher platform. Walk onto the platform and let it give you a ride up to higher foothold, where you must wait until another moving platform arrives. Step onto it, then ride it to a platform set out in the middle of a body of water. Break the vases along the outer edge first, then destroy the stone columns with charged drill attacks, and finally light the torch on the pedestal. When you do, some Phantom monsters will drop onto the little island to attack. Defeat them with charged shots as possible but don't let them do too much damage just because you're worried about Junk; these are tight quarters.

When you alerted the Phantoms to your presence on the island, you also caused some ledges to rise out of the water somewhere in the distance. Once the Phantoms are defeated, ride the moving platform that periodically returns back to the area where you stepped on the first moving platform. From there, swim back out toward where the fish attacked you, but now look off to the left. You should see the new ledges. Hop up those to a new platform, where you will have the opportunity to recharge your drill. There also is a tree to destroy. Do so for the sake of some coins, then continue forward by dropping to the lower level of the path.

Two flowers are waiting for you ahead, so eat a cookie or something if your energy is waning. When you drop down, don't miss the blue junk bin that rests at the base of the ledge. Break it open for some Junk before you rush the flowers. After you defeat them, you'll notice the dangerous area ahead. There are some lines of electricity flowing through here, and also a rolling blue shield that fires aura bursts periodically. Roll through the barriers so that you're on the other side. If you have life to spare and you want a lot of junk and coins (plus a better ranking for the dungeon), turn around and take out the enemy from behind. Once you do, three more Phantoms will drop into view. They are equipped with armor, so use charged shots to dispose of them for more Junk. Then take care of the nearby trees for some coins. Finally, proceed through the open space at the edge of the clearing.

You've made it to the dungeon's treasure room at last. Break the usual debris that surrounds the treasure for some coins, then jump onto the altar to grab SHOEBOX. Now you'll be back on the world map. Head back to Monster Village. The shoebox belongs to Poco, so make sure that you return it to him. This will cause more Dark Mist to drift away on the map, which reveals two more areas for you to explore, one in the forest to the west and one in the ruins to the east. You also have a potted plant, so give that to Pierre and you'll pull away Dark Mist on the world map that reveals a distant cottage of some sort. The building is still surrounded by mist, but you have plenty of other areas that need your attention. It's time to do some more exploring.

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