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Items: Chocolate, Cookie, Life Gem

The Prince greets you when you enter this area, and advises that one of your monster friends is held captive in the area. He welcomes you to go to the next room, where a heavily armored opponent awaits. Then he disappears. Before you advance into the next room, take some time to break apart the stone statues in the immediate area for coins. You'll also find CHOCOLATE in a nearby gift box and a COOKIE in another (though your inventory is probably too full). You must be thinking to yourself "Wow, this looks eerily like the room before a boss battle," and if you are, you're right. Head through the archway and into the next room.

As she walks in, Parin will see her monster friend Pierre trapped behind bars. He'll tell her something incomprehensible in French and she'll start forward to save him, only to find the bridge collapsing under her. She manages to survive and chastise Pierre for warning her in another language. Then a monster attacks. It's your first boss battle.

Boss Battle: Bob

Bob is quite the fiend. He has two giant drills as arms and is encased quite nicely in heavy blue armor. The battle also takes place on a circular ledge that juts up from the middle of a deep, imposing pit.

As fights go, this one shouldn't prove terribly difficult. In his full armor, Bob can't be harmed by your drill attacks. What you must do is fully charge a shot while running around the room (use the shoulder buttons to keep swinging the camera and keep track of where Bob is positioned) and then unleash it on Bob to knock him out of his armored shell.

Once he's vulnerable, move in and hit him with launch attacks, since those will do the most damage. Watch out for his belly flops. He'll usually do one after he's taken the first major hit in his vulnerable form, so back away long enough to keep that from connecting, then move back in and resume the beating. Eventually, he'll return to his armor and you'll have to repeat the process.

When Bob is armored, he also has a few other attacks to avoid. One favorite is a spread shot of little aura balls. If you keep the camera on him, they're easy enough to see coming. He always stands still to prepare them. He also has a few other projectile attacks and sometimes will rush you, but none of that will do him any good if you keep moving around him while charging, then hammer him mercilessly once he's free of his armor. If your life drops too much, you can use some of the chocolate to restore it.

Once you defeat Bob and he vanishes, a giant crystal will fall from the ceiling. Grab it and you will gather the LIFE GEM item. This useful item will increase your maximum HP by 10 points. Congratulations! That's the dungeon cleared.

Pierre will thank you for saving him. From a distance, the Prince watches and informs Mosby, his winged friend that looks like a giant pink butterfly, that Mosby is the next one that must face off against Parin. Then you'll be given the opportunity to save your progress. Go ahead and do so. When you exit the save menu, you're back on the world map. Return to the Monster Village.

Back in the village, Poco reminds you that Chucky and Rocko are still missing. Rocko is the man for heavy lifting, he informs you, and Chucky is the only monster willing to dance with Poco. They'll make fine additions to your crew of monsters, if only you can find them. Meanwhile, Puku explains that the Phantoms stole all the furniture when they attacked the village. He tells you to return any furniture you might find to its rightful owner. Looks like it's time to find more furniture (and rightful owners). Head to the next dungeon, Fountain Clearing in the forest to the west.

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