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Items: Boom Box, Cookie, Headband, Mystery Bag, Picture #2, Platinum Medal

You'll find Meter Corridor just an inch or two south of Nanometer Shrine on the map. Puku greats you to let you know that the area you're about to explore is dangerous. He tells you about a dragon named Tokaron that was sealed away by a human who used the drill that Parin now uses. Apparently, the drill has all sorts of potential. The hero who used it before dug holes before he became a hero. Hmm. Is that foreshadowing? It certainly sounds like it, but Parin doesn't have time to contemplate. She has a dungeon to clear!

Head through the first door and you're in a room with some hollowed out crates to your left and right, as well as ahead of you. There are also some vases. Smash the crates and vases both for coins (you'll have to use charged attacks to break the former), then head through the doorway and into the next room. Here, you'll notice some cube-shaped enemies skipping around a treasure chest that rests in a recess in the floor. Take them out with a quick flurry of simple attacks and also break any pots in the area. Open the treasure chest to receive a COOKIE, if your inventory can hold it (mine couldn't).

From the treasure chest, head right to a weak wall. Use a charged drill attack to force your way through it and into the room beyond, where a series of spiders will drop from the ceiling as you advance. They seem to be hiding in pots, as well, which you should be able to break with projectile shots from your fully powered drill. At the base of the stairs, you will find some stone columns you can destroy for coins, as well as plenty of pots and vases to break. There also are some triangular wood structures, so break those apart with your powered drill. You should notice a lever off to your left, near the base of the stairs you descended. It's surrounded by a fence. Head down to the end of the room, where there's a mound that allows you to recharge your drill. You'll notice the fence doesn't quite meet the wall there, so walk around it and break open another of the triangular bits of wood, then head to the lever and pull it.

The lever causes the nearby door to rise, and three Phantoms come through. One has a bit of armor equipped, so keep that in mind and use a powered shot to initiate the attack. You want that junk, after all. Once you're in the middle of frenzied combat, use your Drill Tornado attack to keep the multiple adversaries at bay (don't accidentally let yourself fly through the doorway and into the next room like I did, though).

Once you defeat the Phantoms and arrive in that next room, you'll see a Phantom ahead. He sees you coming and does the smart thing: he runs to a safe spot a short distance away. Whenever you get close, he'll repeat this process. Take your time going down the halls, since he's trying to lead you into a trap. Take the time to drill through a boulder you find, and to break open any pots. When your quarry rounds a bend and crosses over a strip of reddish brown bricks with holes in them, leap over that potential trap and be ready for an attack. The Phantom calls down a group of cube-shaped enemies. A few quick slashes will take care of them and yield a nice supply of coins.

Moving ahead from where the cubes attack, you'll notice a weak spot in the wall. Drill it with a power attack to break it open, though you'll only gain a few coins. To the left, the Phantom is still waiting. As you approach, he runs through an archway to your right. Break the nearby vases before you follow into the next room, which is actually interesting. The Phantom you're chasing will retreat to a higher ledge, and to the left you'll notice a place where you can power your drill. Don't do that just yet, though. Instead, head to the left area of the room near a low ledge. As you arrive, a Phantom above will materialize. He's wearing armor and he summons a few buddies before they all jump down to rush you. Use a charged shot to take out the armored guy, and use your Tornado Drill to protect yourself as everyone clamors to attack. When you defeat everybody, then you can recharge your drill if you took damage. Make sure to break any nearby vases and triangular bits of wood, as well. There are also some pillars in the area. The square-ish one in the corner hides a treasure chest that contains a MYSTERY BAG, so break it open if nothing else.

When you've gleaned what coins and goodies the room has to offer, head up to the side of the room that would've been on your right as you entered. You can either climb the ladder or hop up the ledge. There, you can break more vases and flip a lever that will cause a floating blue ledge to glide into place. Step on it to ride across the room and to a pedestal where you can restore your health. It's at the base of a staircase. Ascend the staircase and pass through the door into the next room after breaking the vases.

Straight ahead, you'll now see three pots. This room branches to the left and right, and there are more of the wood structures you can destroy. Make sure that you take out both the pots and the wood. Note that if you head too far left while breaking the pots, you may encounter the first of two spiders that guard the hallway in that direction. If you get too close and the first arachnid attacks, take it out before it can harm you. You're not interesting in going left first, though. Instead, start by exploring the path to your right.

You'll surprise two Phantoms that were about to have an intimate moment. They're wearing armor, so make sure that you use charged attacks (don't accidentally shoot them while powering up your drill or the chance at a surprise attack will vanish). When they're gone, break open the pots the Phantoms were standing near and you should notice a destructible wood crate behind them. Use a charged drill to destroy it, as well. Some heavier crates will fall into place.

From the stack of crates, continue around the hallway and take out any lingering spiders and wood structures. Now you should find yourself at the base of the staircase you might have seen when you first entered this room. It has a gap where rot has caused it to fall away, but you can leap over that gap quite easily. Destroy the purple vase and continue up the steps as they lead to another purple vase, and then up to a metal crate. Since you destroyed the wooden crate a moment ago, you can now pass (otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to). Keep climbing up to the top of this stone structure, where some winged enemies will bring up two Phantoms to attack.

You want to use a charged shot on the Phantoms so you can collect more Junk from the armor it will cause them to drop. The space up here is cramped, so try not to let them get in close and damage you. When the Phantoms are destroyed, make sure to wait around and kill the bats, which in arches that leave them vulnerable to targeted attacks. There are two of them. Jump in the air when they're near, then hit them with your drill when the aura around them flashes maroon. Once they're defeated, proceed along the fenced catwalk and through the next archway.

As you enter, note that there are pots to either side. Don't forget to break them, and also the stone pillars. Then turn your attention to the hazard ahead, a murky pit of water with ledges you can leap across. Make sure that you have your goggles equipped at this point. If they've been upgraded, they should make you impervious to water damage. Now you can go ahead and jump along the blocks that protrude from the surface of the water. Watch your shadow, since it tells you where you're about to land. You don't need full jumps to cross the gaps. When you reach the other side, you can recharge your drill if necessary but note that stepping on the patch of soil will cause fish monsters to attack. If your drill is charged, take them out with projectile shots. Otherwise, you may have to jump into the water and drill them from less distance. There're also some vases to destroy, and a wooden structure that's destructible. The final attraction on the current bit of stonework is a weak wall. Use a charged drill shot to break down the spidery looking wall of bricks and you'll gain some coins for your trouble.

Now hop across another block and you will see a huge stone vase. Destroy it for some coins. Now turn and hop across another set of blocks (the second one is very narrow, so you'll have to time your jumps carefully) and pull yourself onto the ledge. You'll find a blue container there that you can break open for a bunch of Junk. Now turn toward the right and start charging your drill before you proceed down that hall. Once you do, you'll cause an armored Phantom to attack. Defeat him and pick up more Junk (he may be knocked back and fall down a hole if you're not careful, in which case you'll have to follow) and break the stone statues around the pit for even more coins. Then descend to the area below and pass through an archway.

As you emerge in this new area, you should see a ladder beside Parin. There's also a boulder on her level. Destroy the rock with a charged bit of drilling, then pass through the next archway (the ladder is only there if you need to climb back up to the ledge you already passed, in case you fell down by accident or forgot to break something).

Through the next archway, you'll find yourself in the dungeon's treasure room. There are plenty of stone pillars to bust open for coins if you're not in a hurry, as usual. When you jump to the pedestal, you'll receive the BOOM BOX item. Head back to the Monster Village and talk to Puku. He says that Poco, who you may recall was looking for his boom box so that he could dance, is not around. Head to Tiese Town and talk to your grandfather along the way. You may have to do so twice, but eventually he'll tell you that he has hidden a special medal around town and challenge you to find it. Head to his house and check the large stove in the lower room to reveal a gift box that contains a PLATINUM MEDAL. Now that you have it, head back to your grandpa. He'll give you PICTURE #2 for your efforts, which is added to your album. He also tells you that there may be others, and that you should search all over the place.

That's all well and good, but right now you still need to find Puku. Trot down the steps and head to Pamela's regular hangout. She'll open the Mystery Bag you got in the last dungeon and give you a HEADBAND. That's an equippable item that increases your attack power. Take it to the junk shop and have Disk upgrade it for 10 Junk. Now you can equip it and your attacks will be half again as powerful!

Your next stop while in town is the bakery. There, you'll find Puku. Talk to him and he'll ask you to do something about Fan, whom he insists is mean to him (though Parin doesn't see how that could be, since she's not even aware that Puku is around). Talk to Fan and she'll mention that more cakes have disappeared. She thinks the culprit must be spies who want her recipe. Parin knows better. It has to be Puku. Talk to him again and he'll burp and mention that he can't find his boombox. You offer to give him back his boom box (the one you found in the ruins, clearly) if he stops stealing cakes from Fan. He agrees. You'll be taken back to the village, where Puku dances happily and causes more of the mist to recede on the world map. New areas are now available! It's time to head to Centimeter Hall, the next area available within Potato Ruins.

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