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Items: Drill

When the video ends, Parin enters the village in time to see a blue monster named Poco dancing like a disco-loving fool in front of a boombox while his monster compatriots cheer him on. It's a party and Parin starts toward them, when suddenly Poco trips and falls to the cobblestone street. He's a bit of a klutz. A conversation ensues, during which Parin says she could never be scared of him. That's when their friendly banter is interrupted by Pino.

The little monster girl runs forward and she brings some very bad news indeed: Pino has been kidnapped by monsters called Phantoms. Parin at first announces her plans to use her Hurricane Kick to save the day, but the monsters aren't convinced. The Phantoms, they reveal, are very dangerous. Then they realize that perhaps Parin will stand a chance if she uses a special weapon they have in their village.

If you step forward and touch a special metal column rising from the street, you'll trigger a scene where the monsters explain the history of the weapon. Nobody has been able to pull it loose, but Parin gives it her best tug and is able to pull it loose from the hole where it is wedged. The item you gain is the DRILL. Now Parin needs to head to the Ruins to free Pino.

From where you got the drill, head straight ahead down the dark alley to exit the town and appear on the World Map. From where you appear, you'll see Poco standing to the left and dancing a little jig. He's there to keep you from going the wrong direction. For now, just head to the right to where the trail branches, then take the path that leads straight down. As you approach the building, you'll see that you've found the ruins (the word "New!" spins in red lettering over an arrow pointing downward). Stand over the icon and press 'X' to enter.

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