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As the game begins, you might not have any clue where you are. Fortunately, I'll shed some light on it: you're on the name entry screen. Here you can choose a new name, anything you like as long as it doesn't consist of more than six letters (no symbols). I'm a rebel. I went with the default name (Parin).

Once you've chosen your name, you then are allowed to choose the difficulty level. Your options are 'Normal' and 'Beginner,' with the arrow pointing to 'Normal' to remind you that only sissies choose the easiest difficulty level in a game like Gurumin. Note that if you want to unlock later difficulty levels--and there are several--you will want to play on 'Normal' to advance to 'Difficult' and so forth. 'Beginner' is too easy, anyway. After dying, you restart with all of your life refilled. It makes things easier. Too easy, in fact. Of course, you should do what feels right. This guide is written based on the assumption that you're playing on 'Normal.'

Once you choose the difficulty level, you're next introduced to the mining village of Tiese, where a little girl named Parin walks down some stairs and tries to follow a map she has on a note in her hand. She asks a lady for directions and the camera swings toward an old cottage. She knocks on the door and an old man answers. He is her grandfather, Hyperbolic, and he has a memory like an elephant... with Alzheimer's.

Inside, her grandfather presents her with a room that is to be... her room. He asks her how she's doing, since her parents are off excavating somewhere. Her new home is a mining town, not exactly ripe with people her age that she can interact with. Instead, it's full of miners. As he says, there are no children. Not one. He suggests that she befriend Fan, from the bakery, and explore the town. This is your cue to actually start playing. Good job! You've made it through the part of the game that you don't actually play. Let's get going with the real walkthrough, then.

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