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Many years ago a young warrior who was of the line of the great Erdrick came to Alefgard and defeated the dreaded Dragonlord, restoring peace to the land.

For many generations the descendants of that warrior ruled Alefgard and the surrounding lands, including the Kingdom of Moonbrooke across the eastern sea from Alefgard.

There one day the King and his daughter were talking in the courtyard of the castle when the long years of peace ended suddenly!

(Castle shakes and lights flash.)

What in the world is happening? Cried the King.

"Majesty," said the King's Guard. "The castle is besieged by the forces of Hargon, the Wizard!"

"Hargon is here?" asked the King.

"Alas, sire, it is so."

"Then we must ride forth and do battle, for these castle walls shall not stand long against the evil magic of Hargon," pronounced the king.

(Monster appears and defeats the nearby guard, then approaches the King and Princess.)

"Hargon shall not rule unopposed."

(King defeats the monster, then leads Princess to a staircase.)

Then the King spoke to the Princess: "Thy life is in danger, my daughter. Hide thyself now, and whatever happens to me thou must be strong."

"But Father!" cried the Princess.

"Hurry," commanded the King. "I must go to warn my cousin, the King of Midenhall."

(King starts away from the stairs, and a monster appears in front of the Princess behind him.)

"Father!" screamed the Princess.

"They are here!"

(The King turns.)

"Oh, such a brave beauty," the Monster mocked her.

The King was enraged.

"Touch her and thou shall not survive this day!" He challenged the fiend.

"So," hissed the Monster, "thou must be the lord of this miserable
sandcastle. But I think not for long."

(Monster approaches the king, who defeats it. Two monsters appear on either side of the king and exchange blows. King falls and Princess approaches.)

Then the Princess gasped in horror.

"No, Father! No!"

(Monsters appear throughout the castle. A soldier flees as a monster takes out two guards at the gates. Soldier kills a monster.)

"I must reach the King of Midenhall and tell him of our defeat!"

(Guard leaves castle to a wide, open plain. Castle erupts in flames at the center of a swampland. Soldier makes his way to Midenhall and falls in the entrance. Guards rush to his side.)

"Thy wound looks serious."

"What has happened to thee?"

"Never mind me. I must see the King. I have evil tidings that cannot wait."

(Guards escort him to the King.)

"Hear me, oh King. The army of Hargon the Sorcerer has sacked Moonbrooke Castle from whence I came. The evil of his magic is great and I fear he will soon rule all the world. . . . unless a monarch as great as thyself stands against him."

"(Your name), my heir. Thou has heard the tale of this man. I am old and this task must fall to younger hands. Thy destiny lies on that difficult road, just as it did for Erdrick the Great, for thou art of the line of Erdrick, and his doom is thine. Come with me now if thou art ready."

(King leads hero down the stairs into the next room and stands to the right of the staircase. A treasure chest rests to the left.)

"Open the treasure chest and prepare for thy journey. Now listen closely, (Your name). Seek out worthy companions along thy road. In Cannock and Moonbrooke there are those who are also of Erdrick's line. They will surely help thee to defeat Hargon's dark plot."

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