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LOCATION: The surest way to find the one-tile portal that leads to the Chamber of Rubiss is to head to Midenhall, then sail west about twelve tiles before heading due south. You'll see the tiny island if you do so. There are no special requirements to enter it, surprisingly.

Once you enter the building, you'll find yourself in a very, very small chamber with stairs leading beneath the surface. Climb down those and you'll find yourself at the head of another staircase. It continues like that for a while, but just keep working your way downward (no enemies attack you) and you'll soon reach the bottom level.

This room looks a lot like a House of Healing. You'll see four of those blue star tiles, with a blank white space positioned at their center. When you stand there, the wizard Rubiss will come to greet you. With him, he brings an item known as the CHARM OF RUBISS. This is the whole reason you gathered all of those stupid crests. With the charm in your possession, you now have the strength (you hope) to tackle Hargon. Now you can finally return to the Cave to Rhone, but this time it'll treat you even worse than it did before.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Charm of Rubiss - Protection from an enchanter Hero, Prince, Princess

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