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LOCATION: Your next destination lies southwest of Osterfair. Head to the island, then situate your ship at the channel that leads inland to the castle. From that patch of water, head west twenty tiles (you can count or just estimate), then go due south. You'll come to an island surrounded by shallows. Use the Moon Fragment at the bottom center of the shallows and the cave will rise from the water enough that your ship can sail to it.

Before you head into this cave, you're going to want your characters to be in strong fighting condition. Also, just to be on the safe side, bring along a wing of the wyvern. You're only a few stops short of the final dungeon, after all. There are a few places where you may choose to build your levels, including the tower where you got the fragment. Once you're up to around level 24, you're going to be strong enough to sneak your way through the cave. When you feel confident, go ahead and enter so that you can claim a juicy eyeball for your very own.

When you appear in the cave, you'll be on a patch of solid land at the center of a splotchy lake of lava. Walking on this surface will damage anyone in your party who is not equipped with the Water Flying Cloth, so you'll have to spend a lot of your magic on healing and you'll want to do so with some degree of frequency. This means that picking your path through the cave very carefully is of the utmost importance. Wasted steps can be fatal.

Start by heading left and down to a wider patch of soil, which leads deeper into the cave. Follow the path directly left as it bends around that first corner, and when it hits the left wall, follow it as it continues down past a small square of lava and into another room. Here, a staircase descends to the next level.

From the foot of that staircase, head down and then proceed to the left when the path permits. There will be branches above and below the path. Walk past the branch filled with lava, then into the room that awaits there. Here, you'll see a staircase and a soldier. Descend the stairs into the next area, a long hallway leading to the left. Counting the one you just descended, there are three staircases here that lead up to the floor above. Take the leftmost of these if you want to obtain 63 GOLD from a treasure chest, or the middle one to proceed.

You'll appear in a small room. Head down out of that room to find yourself in a long hallway. Head left here toward the end of the hallway and you'll find more of the lava, as well as a soldier standing off to the side of a wide corridor leading upward. Follow the path as it twists through the lava. Here, you'll see a branch that heads off to the left, while the main path continues up to what seems like a dead end, a passageway filled with lava.

Unfortunately, it's the lava you now need to cross. Head right up along the lava river and as you press upward, you'll see a new patch of soil with a staircase. Make your way to the staircase and descend one level deeper into the cave. Now you'll see a red door, which you can open with the golden key.

The next room is a long hallway. You'll immediately see a staircase leading down one more level, and beyond that a treasure chest and another set of stairs. Beyond that is yet another treasure chest. Note that the first of these chests is a poison trap. It doesn't contain any items. The second chest contains 154 GOLD. There's a long hallway that leads down from that point. If you head down that path, it curls back to the right and you can choose between a path leading up or one to the right. Take the one to the right, though note that you'll be standing on lava as you enter that next room. Here, a staircase descends a level deeper into the cave.

From the base of that staircase, head to the upper left and into the next room, which is another wide field of lava. There's a staircase close by, so climb it to find yourself in a room full of even more staircases. Go up three steps, right two steps and up three more steps to find yourself at the center of a new lake of lava. You'll see a treasure chest off to the left, over some more burning liquid. That chest contains the DRAGON'S BANE.

From the chest with that item, head to the lower left, where a staircase sits on a patch of land. From here, you want to head almost due left to the wall, then up along the side where you'll see a new staircase that descends to the next level. Yes, you must walk across lava the whole time. Healing will be necessary.

In this room, follow the path as it twists through the lava and toward the right. You'll see an old man waiting there. When you approach, he'll attack you. It seems the old man was actually two evil clowns. When you defeat them, you'll be able to walk right into the next room, and then up to a treasure chest that contains the EYE OF MALROTH. Now, it's time to exit the cavern and warp back to an inn and save point before you start looking for Rhone.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Dragon's Bane 640 Resist status ailments Hero, Prince, Princess
Eye of Malroth - See the entrance to Rhone Hero, Prince, Princess

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