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LOCATION: From the town of Tuhn, you'll need to head due south over a small river to a wooded island where the tower is built (see the previous section if you haven't already flooded this area for some reason). The tower is only a few spaces away. You can't miss it.

Before you enter the Tower of the Moon, make sure that you have raised your levels so that your hero is at around level 22 or so. Your companions will probably be a few levels behind, depending on how good you've been at keeping them alive for the recent tough battles you've encountered.

When you enter the building, you'll do so from the north side. Head straight down to the middle of the building, where there are images of four winged monsters displayed on the floor (you can walk on these). There are several directions you can head from here. The right path is a dead end. The one to the upper left leads to a staircase that ascends to the next floor.

From there, head down into the next room, where there's yet another staircase. If you climb those stairs, there's a treasure chest waiting with 125 GOLD. Grab the loot, then head back down the stairs and through the opening to the right. You're now in an open area that resembles the configuration on the first floor. It's a crossroads of a sort. Take the staircase at the middle of this room up to the next floor. Now you can go either up, left, or down. You can also ascend yet another staircase, which is what you should do. From this room, head to the right to find another ascending staircase. The room you find yourself in now has a locked red door just below you, and another pathway leading into a grated area to the right.

Open the door below you, then go into the room. You'll see a staircase leading down, while another red door to your right blocks access to yet another ascending staircase. That staircase leads you to the top of the tower, and a waiting treasure chest, but that chest is empty. Instead of bothering with any of that, go ahead and descend the staircase.

The next room contains yet another staircase to descend. Do so and you'll find another descending staircase, then another. In this room, you'll see an old sage and a treasure chest. The chest contains the object of your affection in this particular dungeon, the MOON FRAGMENT. Now you can go ahead and warp out of the dungeon.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Moon Fragment - Raises Malroth's Cavern Hero, Prince, Princess

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