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Location: You can find the lighthouse by using the town of Lianport (where you got the ship) as a reference point. Sail due south until you hit the sandy coast, then head directly east and you'll come across the wooded island where the lighthouse was built.

You'll be able to enter this building to obtain the Star Crest, but it's going to be a difficult trek and the absolute most frustrating location you've visited in the game thus far. The monsters here are rather vicious, so it's a good idea to have your characters leveled up to around level 20. Also, you'll want to bring along a wing of the wyvern, just in case the prince perishes and you need to return to an inn quickly.

Briefly, note that there are a few common types of monsters here. The gorgons are quite resistant to any fire spells you may have in your repertoire, even the usually-devastating firebane spell that the prince likely possesses at this stage. Let your hero take out any of those serpentine creatures, while the prince and princess should focus fire spells on the mummies (which have powerful defense). Finally, there are saber tigers that possess little in the way of HP, but a lot of offensive power. Take them out quickly so they don't force you to use up your healing magic.

From the entrance, ignore the path that leads downward; it heads to a series of dead ends. Instead, walk left until you reach the far left corner. Walk down now until you reach the bottom of the area. Now, as you start right, you'll see a path leading upward toward the center of the large, square area you've been exploring. This should serve merely as a landmark. You want to keep walking to the right, to the end of the path, at which point you'll turn upward. Here, the path branches left, again toward the center of the square. This time, you'll actually want to follow the branch (besides, you haven't any other real option).

As the path permits, you'll now be heading toward your upper left. There's one very short dead end here, but if you head down it you'll only move a step or two before realizing your mistake. It's not a big deal. You'll notice that your goal is a recess in the wiry grating. Step inside and you'll see a staircase. There also are some other exits from the grated area. If you like, take a brief detour out the top exit, where you'll find a short path to a treasure chest that contains 53 GOLD. Return to the staircase but don't climb it.

Before you continue through the dungeon, you need to be aware that there are four general paths you can take (this grated area is divided into four rooms). These generally lead to pathetic rewards. If you climb the
staircase in the lower right of those four chambers, you'll go through a set of rooms that leads to a CHAIN SICKLE, then have to return to the room you're in right now. It's just not worth it unless you enjoy constant battles for no real pay-off.

Instead, I recommend climbing the lower left staircase. You'll now appear in an enclosed room with a path leading left. Go through that passage and you're in a room that looks like an upside-down 'L.' Take the bottom exit into another enclosed room. Here, head right to an ascending staircase. From the head of that flight of stairs, walk left and go up into the next grated area. You'll see a staircase here.

You now have another option. If you ignore the stairs, you can head up into the next grated area, where you'll find a path that leads to a large, locked door. This path is purely optional and you won't get any items for following it, just information from a soldier. If you decide you want to head in that direction anyway, use the golden key to enter another room with yet another ascending staircase. Climb that set of stairs to a room with yet another staircase, then another in the room thereafter and another after that. The room beyond there has a final staircase before you appear on the tower's top floor. Exit the enclosed area, then talk to the soldier you find there for a clue about how Hargon lives in the land of Rhone, which is surrounded by mountains.

If you decided to get that tidbit of information, it's time to return down the set of rooms you've just passed through, until you come to the staircase that sits out in the open and leads up to the next floor by a different route. Here, you can waste a bunch of time trying alternate paths for 130 GOLD and FAIRY WATER, but you're probably already as sick of this stupid tower as I was. Instead, head up around the block wall, to the upper left corner of this floor. You will now find a staircase that leads up to the next floor.

Now walk right along this path until you can head down into another grated area. There, you'll find a staircase that leads up to the next floor. To your left, you'll see a locked red door, which you can unlock with the golden key. Beyond that, you'll find yourself in another open area. Head again to the upper left, where another staircase leads up to the next floor. From the head of that set of stairs, walk to the right and you'll notice a purple enemy standing next to a block. Finally, you're making some progress.

When you walk near the monster, he'll retreat into some grating by a path you wouldn't have noticed before. Follow him there and you'll see an old man standing just beyond where the imp disappeared. When you get next to him, he'll tell you not to speak, that he knows just what you want. Then he'll instruct you to follow him, which you should go ahead and do. He'll go to the left, out into an open area where two staircases await. Like the old man, you should take the one on the lower left.

On the next floor, follow him to the right and down the next flight of stairs. There, you will need to follow him to the next descending staircase, then another, and another. Now follow him into a grated area. There's a treasure chest here, which the old man instructs you to open. When you do, it'll trigger a battle. It was a trap!

This battle should actually be fairly easy, as you're just facing off against four gremlins. If your hero is powerful enough, he can probably take out an enemy each turn. Meanwhile, the princess should just keep healing you if there's any trouble. When you win, you'll obtain the STAR CREST. Now it's time to head back to the nearest town by way of a wyvern's wing or a return spell.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Chain Sickle 390 +15 ATK Hero, Prince
Fairy Water 40 Repels enemies Hero, Prince, Princess
Star Crest - Legendary crest Hero, Prince, Princess

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