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LOCATION: Though you likely already remember where Zahan is, the quickest way to get there from your current position at Lianport is to sail through the inlet to the southwest of that town (it cuts just below the tip of the peninsula), then follow the shore south to the lowest tip. From there, simply head slightly south and then due west to find Zahan. If you reach World Tree Island, move a little south and head back to the east (since Zahan is on such a tiny island, it can be easy to miss it at times).

Before you proceed with your quest, there are just a few more steps you need to take. The first of these is another trip to Zahan, where previously you acquired the golden key.

Now that you have the jailor's key, you can also get another item at this town, and it's one you'll definitely want to take some time for, a loom that will allow a special person you'll soon meet to create first-class armor for the prince or princess (I suggest equipping it on the princess).

If you have stepguard magic, you'll definitely want to use it. See the dangerous floor behind where the woman stands at the village center? Cross over that floor and head toward the upper left (if you're not using stepguard magic, have the princess and prince healing everybody each three steps to prevent death), to the prison door. Enter it and in the next room you'll find the MAGIC LOOM.

Now that you have the loom, you can finally get some cool new duds for the princess. Before doing that, though, in the interests of traveling all over the map a little bit less, you should make a few side trips to grab some more of those crests you keep hearing about.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Magic Loom - Key item Hero, Prince, Princess

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