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LOCATION: Though you should be quite familiar with the location of Hamlin by now, the shorter route is to cross by sea. From Midenhall, head to the west until you reach a coast across the inland sea. Now follow that coast north until you find a series of inlets that can take you down through that land mass, toward the southwest. It will end near Hamlin, which will be a short walk southwest.

Another stop you'll take while opening doors you previously couldn't access is more important. In Hamlin, open the red door using the golden key and, once you're downstairs, open the prison cell door to face the monsters that lurk there.

The Ozwarth monsters here are quite a bit tougher than the imp-like creatures you faced in Lianport. They use mostly the same attacks, but their life meters are quite a bit longer and they attack more viciously. They may even put you to sleep. Just make sure you keep your health up and that you hit hard whenever you're in a position to make an attack. The hero should do most of the attacking, while the prince should take care of healing and the princess should back him up if appropriate.

When you beat the monsters, search the upper right corner of the cell for the WATER CREST.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Water Crest - Legendary crest Hero, Prince, Princess

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