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LOCATION: From Wellgarth, walk south to your ship. Then sail east along the shore until you reach World Tree Island. Head north from there, just to the right of the long island, and then due east to the small island. From there, sail due north until you come to land, then follow the coast to your upper left, to the inlet. Follow the inlet to find the castle. Dock the boat to the lower right of the castle, and walk from there.

The castle city of Osterfair is the home of one of the five crests you'll need to show to the wizard Rubiss. From the entrance, head up the hallway and then through the passage to the left of where the guard stands. Here, walk to the lower left (ignore the king for now) and rest up at the inn.

Before you talk to the king, you should know that you'll be doing so in hopes of participating in an arena battle. It's a battle with a saber tooth lion that can damage your party members around 25 points per turn. Of course, it only takes three of four rounds to slay the beast.

If you feel that you're not quite ready for that and would instead like to save your progress up to this point, go ahead and circle the area around the outer wall (from where you first entered, just walk up and around, rather than passing the left gate past the guard) to the monolith. It's a blue patch that looks like a puddle of water (not also that if you use a golden key on the space to the right of the monolith, you can enter the shop to gain the ARMOR OF GAIA and a MAGIC KNIFE from those two treasure chests). When you appear from the warp, exit and head north along the coast. You'll arrive at Midenhall Castle, where you can save.

Now go ahead and return to the portal, and head back to Osterfair. When you battle the monster and win, the king will reward you with the MOON CREST. The first of the five crests is yours. Only four more to go.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Armor of Gaia - +35 DEF Hero
Broad Sword 1500 +30 ATK Hero
Clothes Hiding 1250 +20 DEF Hero, Prince, Princess
Dragon Killer 8000 +50 ATK Hero
Giant Hammer 4000 +35 ATK Hero
Iron Helmet 3150 +6 DEF Hero
Magic Armor 4300 +25 DEF Hero, Prince
Magic Knife 200 +12 ATK Hero, Prince, Princess
Moon Crest - Legendary crest Hero, Prince, Princess

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