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LOCATION: From Tantagel, head back west to Lianport, and sail north to the shoals where you found the 'Tresure.' From there, sail north until a small, partially forested island comes into view. Next, sail due east for quite a bit, until you see a desert island mostly surrounded by mountainous peaks.

Now that you've got Erdrick's sword, it's time to start doing some heavy duty exploration. There are numerous other items you'll want to gather before you attempt to defeat Hargon. The first of these is a special item that can revive a fallen comrade in battle. Follow the directions above to find the island.

Once you reach the island, you'll find a patch of forest at the center. This is the World Tree. Search the patch of forestation to obtain the LEAF OF THE WORLD TREE. This single-use item (it disappears once you use it) will revive a fallen character in battle. Unfortunately, you can only carry one at a time. Still, it's worth your time to grab one.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Leaf of the World Tree - Revive one ally Hero, Prince, Princess

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