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LOCATION: Across the shore from the castle city of Tantagel, you'll see Charlock Castle surrounded by swampland. Cross the inlet on boat, then walk over the swamp to enter this dangerous castle.

Your next stop is a good place to go for information and a cool weapon. It is here you will find that you must seek out the good wizard, Rubiss, if you wish to defeat Hargon. You'll hear this from the lips of the Dragonlord's grandson, who now rules the castle. The Dragonlord's grandson will also mention that you must have five crests before seeking the wizard's help. It's a major clue as to what you should do for the remainder of the game.

Of course, before you find the helpful dragon, you must first navigate the depths of this freakish dungeon, which is inhabited by some of the toughest enemies you've yet encountered. Make sure your levels and equipment are sufficient before attempting it. Fortunately, if everyone is at level 10 or better, you can run from most of the enemies. The princess can also cast her repel magic, which will make the frequency with which you encounter enemy patrols diminish.

From the start of the cave, just follow the first path as it winds down and to the left, to a waiting staircase you can descend. At the base of that staircase, you'll just need to follow the next passage in a clockwise direction, around to the next descending staircase.

In the new passage, head right along the path, and follow it upward. There's a descending staircase here, but you should ignore it and move left to where a second descending staircase waits. This room contains two staircases leading up, and two that lead down. From the lower left one where you arrived, head right along the bottom, then up so that you're at the just right of the room's other ascending staircase.

Once you've climbed that staircase, you'll see another ascending staircase to your upper left. Climb those stairs, then the ones in the next room. In the room beyond, descend the staircase you'll see to your lower left, and there you'll find the treasure chest that contains the SWORD OF ERDRICK.

At this point, I would advise warping back out of the cave to return to Tantagel, rest up at the inn, and save. The cave's only other attraction for you currently is the Dragonlord's grandson, and a door you can't possibly unlock just yet. However, if you'd like to speak to the grandson for yourself, follow the stairs that lead back to the room with the two sets of ascending and descending staircases.

From where you appear in the room after grabbing Erdrick's fabled sword (which is one of the coolest weapons in the game, by the way), just go down the descending staircase a short distance to your upper left.

The next passage is simple. Just wind your way down the hall, then left, then up to the next descending staircase.

Finally, you can cross this room to enter the staircase that leads to the dungeon's final area, where you'll find the Dragonlord's grandson. There are numerous treasure chests here beyond a door that you'll need the golden key to unlock. Not only that, but the floor is a huge trap that will severely drain your life with each step. It's best to return here much later. For now, just go around and talk to the Dragonlord's grandson. Once you've done so, there's nothing more to do in the cave for the time being. Go ahead and warp out and return to Tantagel.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Sword of Erdrick - +40 ATK Hero

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