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LOCATION: The seaside village of Lianport is located to the northeast of the northern exit from the Dragon's Horn Towers. Just follow the plains as they work toward the northeast. It's not a terribly long walk, and it's best to stay near the coast to avoid getting briefly lost.

The walk to Lianport from the exit of the tower is a dangerous one indeed, if only because your life is probably all but gone. I ended up making the hike with only the hero left alive, and it's likely to be a similar situation for you. Make sure you don't get lost. Just stick along the right edge of the plains as you go. Unnecessary steps can be the death of you.

When you enter the town, make sure that the first thing you do is revive any fallen comrades, then spend the night at the inn. Once that's taken care of, you should head to the weapons shop to see if you can afford any upgrades. Most of what the shop sells you should already have obtained at Hamlin, but you can also buy the CLOTHES HIDING for the princess and prince if you have the money.

When everyone is geared up, head left through the gap from the weapons shop and you'll face two monsters. The monsters are Gremlins. A good strategy right from the start is to cast surround magic on them so that they have a lower success rate when attacking. The hero should also use his physical attacks, while the prince should heal and use magic to prevent the gremlins from casting their sleeping spells. Follow that strategy and the battle should not prove overly difficult.

When you win, the girl will lead you right to her grandfather, who will lend you the use of his swiftest ship. Also, you should rest up at the inn again. Before sailing out of town through the gray, covered area at the town's northeast corner, check out the room behind the locked iron door below (you'll have to use the Silver Key to enter).

Inside, the man will tell you about the pirate ship Relentless, which sunk in a storm while carrying a great treasure. He offers a handsome reward if you bring him the treasure. Now you're ready to leave town.

Before you proceed with your quest, though, it's time to take a little side stop. From where the boat appears, head right one square, then sail directly north. Keep sailing, past shorelines and such, until you come upon a light blue patch of water. Position your ship just below it and use the 'Search' command to find the TRESURES (the person who did that translation is probably kicking himself).

With the booty in hand, go ahead and return to Lianport for your reward. You'll receive it from the man in the room behind the iron door, who told you about the treasure's existence in the first place. He'll reward you with the ECHOING FLUTE. Though the item will only bring you 300 gold pieces if you sell it, you'll find it's a valuable item if kept for later dungeon exploration.

Now you truly are ready to continue your quest.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Antidote Herb 8 Cures Poison Hero, Prince, Princess
Broad Sword 1500 +30 ATK Hero
Clothes Hiding 1250 +20 DEF Hero, Prince, Princess
Dragon's Bane 640 Resist status ailments Hero, Prince, Princess
Echoing Flute - Echoes near treasure Hero, Prince, Princess
Fairy Water 40 Repels enemies Hero, Prince, Princess
Full Plate Armor 1000 +25 DEF Hero
Medical Herb 15 Restores HP Hero, Prince, Princess
Wing of Wyvern 80 Warp to town Hero, Prince, Princess
Wizard's Wand 2500 +8 ATK Hero, Prince, Princess

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