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LOCATION: From the swamp that encircles Moonbrooke Castle, head to the lower left to a bridge that leads to a wide desert. Take several steps down into the desert, and then head west to the monolith overlooking a river. Enter it and climb the stairs along the left side to emerge from the monolith on the opposite side of the river. From there, head along the plains to the northwest, through the gap between forests, to the edge of another desert. Head left until you hit the oasis, and from there head northwest to the forest, past the forest and the foothills, and north along the plains from there to the tower's entrance.

By the time you reach the tower, your magic is likely to be running low. The monsters in the surroundings landscape are difficult and will cause you to use a lot of healing spells and offensive ones.

Once you enter the tower, head to your upper right to hit the staircase immediately.

From the head of that staircase, head clockwise around the pit at the room's center, to the next staircase at your right. In the next room, you'll need to do the same, and again in the next. After that, it's yet another room of the same. The next floor after that is the final one. Make sure the Cloak of Wind is equipped on your lead character (you just select the item and select 'use' on it to equip it, rather than going through the 'equip' screens).

When you walk off the tower, you'll appear on the opposite side of the river. You've completed the tower.

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