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LOCATION: The Eastern Tower is located to the southeast of Hamlin, but the path you'll take to reach it first leads in almost the opposite direction. Follow the forest northeast from the village. Keep the range of mountains to your left and the river just to the east, until you find the northern bridge you can cross to your right. From the bridge, head right to the coast, then keep along the coast as you head to the southeast. The sandy coast will eventually wrap back west, to a forest. Follow the forest along the riverside, down to a bridge. Cross the bridge, follow the foothills east, then the forest beyond them south to another bridge. After that bridge, you'll find another just to the lower right, and then one to the lower left from there. Cross that bridge, and head due west across either sand or grass to find the tower.

If your levels aren't high enough, you'll never make it to the tower, let alone venture through the floors to the treasure chest at the top, but you'll need to eventually make a successful trip in order to proceed. You're about to open up all sorts of possibilities in this game, beyond this tower and another like it, so just look at the time you spend leveling up as an investment.

The best place to level up is along the path leading to the tower. Most of the way there, monsters start attacking in groups that can give you almost 200 experience points per battle. Once the princess has learned the infernos spell, you can use it to target groups of multiple enemies and make quick work of them. It shouldn't be hard to get even the princess to level seven or eight, which will mean the other party members are doing well on their own level progression. Once everyone is tough enough, the tower should be a breeze.

When you enter the tower itself, you'll be on its north side. From the entrance, head south past the first staircase. In a room to the lower right, you'll find a MEDICAL HERB. From that room head to the upper right side of the tower. Along its right side is a path you can follow to a staircase at the very top right side of the tower (the others lead only to dead ends).

At the top of that staircase, you'll see a guard just under you who warns you not to fall from the tower's edge. Head left along the wall and up the staircase you find there.

Now follow the next path as it leads down along another wall. There's a room that branches to the right, and the treasure chest there contains 45 GOLD. With that collected, take the staircase you should see to the lower left, along the wall.

Once again, you're near the edge of the tower. Follow the path to the right. There are two staircases along this route. The first leads to a new path you can take to your upper left, to a staircase that leads down into a lower room. That room has another descending staircase, which leads to another such room. The staircase in this room descends to a room with a treasure chest, which contains the CLOAK OF WIND, the reason you came to this tower.

Now you can use the prince's spell to warp outside, and another to return to Hamlin. You've retrieved all the treasure from the tower (if you do take the time to venture to the top floor of the tower, by the way, the treasure chest you would find there is empty).

Once back to Hamlin, it's time to rest up before your next dungeon.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Cloak of Wind - Allows temporary flotation Hero
Medical Herb 15 Restores HP Hero, Prince, Princess

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