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LOCATION: Start at Hamlin and cross over the bridge to the southeast, into more forest. Travel south across the plains, to the river inlet. Follow it left, then wrap around it. You should see Moonbrooke Castle to your west, but follow the inlet around and head east, over brush-covered plains, to thick forestation. Follow that forest east and you'll see a bridge leading north. Just east, past the bridge, there's a patch of swamp that is your destination.

The mirror you need to return the princess to her true form can be difficult to find. You'll have to search the exact location where it lies, in a remote swamp to the southeast of Hamlin. The true challenge is to find the swamp itself.

Following the directions above, you'll reach the swamp. Once there, search the upper right patch of the swamp and you'll retrieve the MIRROR OF RA. However, note that the monsters along the way to the swamp are a tough crew that can do a lot to drain your life, especially when you have only two party members. Be prepared with a wing of the wyvern, or make sure that the prince has learned the Return spell, so you don't have to brave the trip back to town.

Once the mirror is in hand and you reach the town, show the item to the dog and it will change into the princess (in my game, her name was Gwen, the name I'll use for her throughout this guide), who will then join you on your merry little quest. The true adventure is about to begin!

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Mirror of Ra - Turns a bitch into a princess Hero, Prince

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