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LOCATION: Once you exit the western monolith, you'll be at the top of a peninsula of sorts. Just follow it down and left along the shoreline and, when land starts to widen, head down toward a thick forest. A few steps through the forest, you'll find Hamlin along a riverside.

Making your way to Hamlin from the exit of the monolith can be difficult, because the enemies in this area are much tougher. Not only are the rare magicians from the tunnel walking around in greater abundance, but they've also been joined by vicious centipods that have tough shells and even tougher attacks (they can poison you, too). The prince's health will likely run low quite quickly, so be sure he's ready to heal.

As far as battling goes, you may well decide that flight will work best. No one would blame you, as these are tough opponents. After all, making it to Hamlin should be your priority. There, you can refill your health (prepare to spend 12 gold per character for a night at the inn), save (the sage just left of the House of Healing will record your progress, much like a king would elsewhere), and then build your levels to a nicer point. You can also stock up on better weapons and use any lottery tickets you've gained to play the town lottery.

Another point of interest is the dog that wanders the area. Talk to it and the creature will bark and then follow you like a party member. That's because the pooch is actually a princess. You'll have to find a mirror from a nearby swamp to change her back to her standard form, though.

Before you venture to the swamp, raise your level to at least 10 each by battling monsters just outside Hamlin, and stock up on the more powerful weapons and armor (one good strategy is to buy FULL PLATE ARMOR for the hero, and pass his chain mail on to the prince). When you've done so, you're ready to make a quick sprint to your next destination.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Antidote Herb 8 Cures Poison Hero, Prince, Princess
Broad Sword 1500 +30 ATK Hero
Chain Mail 480 +12 DEF Hero, Prince
Chain Sickle 390 +15 ATK Hero, Prince
Fairy Water 40 Repels enemies Hero, Prince, Princess
Full Plate Armor 1000 +25 DEF Hero
Iron Spear 770 +20 ATK Hero, Prince
Medical Herb 15 Restores HP Hero, Prince, Princess
Steel Shield 2000 +10 DEF Hero
Wing of Wyvern 80 Warp to town Hero, Prince, Princess

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