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LOCATION: The silver mine is rather difficult to locate. From Cannock Castle, head directly west until you can travel no further without moving down. When that is the case, head due south to the first patch of desert, then from there left until you hit the shore. Now head directly up until you see a bridge to your left, which leads to a small island and the mine entrance.

This is a great place to build your levels a bit for the trials to come. If you're at first venturing here for the sake of growing stronger, bring along a wing of the wyvern so you don't have to limp the long walk back to town when you run low on supplies.

From the stairs where you first enter, head directly down, then left along the hallway. There are various branches from the hall. The first one leading downward allows you access to a room with a MEDICAL HERB in a treasure chest. The second branch from that hallway, which leads upward, is a dead end that you should avoid.

Continue down the hallway until you see a small underground lake. Directly above it is another dead-end room, so don't be fooled into taking that path. Instead, head down along the lake's left side. There's a branch left from the base of the lake, and you should follow it left one room, down one room, and there find a staircase leading down to the cavern's next floor (if you're worried about the paths you saw below the lake, don't be; the lower right one leads to a chest with only 23 GOLD and the lower left one is a dead end). From the foot of the staircase that leads back up to the first floor you just left, the first passage on the left is a dead end, the passage on the right leads to a treasure chest with a MEDICAL HERB, the next passage left is a dead end yet again, and beyond that you should continue south until you come to the place where a path branches off to the left while another branches off directly to the right.

The room to the left contains a treasure chest with an ANTIDOTE HERB. Avoid the room to the right, which is a dead end. Continue south along the path instead. You'll find it branches left and right again, at an inverted 'T' in the path. If you head left, you'll find another room, and from there another room with two treasure chests. The bottom one contains the WING OF THE WYVERN, and the top contains 41 GOLD.

Head right from that path, back to the inverted 'T,' and this time go right instead. Here, you'll move downward into another room, and from there down to yet another one. That one leads down yet again, to a room with a treasure chest that contains the SILVER KEY. Finally!

Now it's time to run back to the entrance of the mine and, once you exit, use the wing of the wyvern you found in the mine to head back to Cannock Castle and refill your life and magic at the inn.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Antidote Herb 8 Cures Poison Hero, Prince, Princess
Medical Herb 15 Restores HP Hero, Prince, Princess
Silver Key - Use on silver doors Hero, Prince, Princess
Wing of Wyvern 80 Warp to town Hero, Prince, Princess

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