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LOCATION: From where you exit Cannock, head up five steps, then walk due east until you reach the bridge. Take one step down, cross the bridge, and head due east until the mountains will let you go no further. Walk straight up to the coast immediately north, then straight right to the cave's entrance.

The enemies surrounding and occupying the Spring of Bravery are tougher than those you've previously encountered (the babble enemies can poison you), so make sure you bring two or three antidote herbs from Cannock, and maybe some medical herbs.

Once you enter the cave, head up along the passage. Ignore the branch leading off to the left; it's a dead-end with no treasure chests in sight, and a poison-inflicting enemy tends to attack the moment you enter. Follow the passage as it wraps toward the right and to the small patch of water.

Here, the path branches in several directions. To get through the cave, take the path directly overhead (in case you wonder, the room below that bit of water contains a MEDICAL HERB, while heading along the lower path to the right will lead you to a treasure chest with a measly 16 GOLD and the upper path to the right leads to a villager who asks if you've bathed in the spring). Since those branches are mostly worthless, just follow the path due north it as it wraps left to the large spring for which the cave is named. There's a sage standing by the water's shore, and he'll tell you the prince has headed to Midenhall.

If you need it, there's a MEDICAL HERB in the treasure chest to the left. Otherwise, turn back around, exit the cave, and head back to Cannock Castle, and from there south to Leftwyne, where you will find Cannock's prince staying in the inn. Now your party has two members. Next, you should head back to Cannock.

Area Weapons and Items
Item Name Cost Attributes Used By
Medical Herb 15 Restores HP Hero, Prince, Princess

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