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Thank you for using my guide as you worked your way through Dragon Warrior II. It's been a tough guide to write, as there's a lot more information than I recalled, but hopefully you've been able to get through any tough spots and you've enjoyed the game even more than you would have otherwise.

I really should acknowledge the assistance of a few people at this point. The first is Dalez, who wrote a pretty good FAQ for this game that I consulted as I reached the final few areas. It had been a long time since I'd played through this previously, so I was able to glean a few tips from his FAQ that made their way into this one.

One of those tips was the location of the Sword of Thunder, which was actually provided by Justin Gunsolus in the first place (see Dalez's guide for more info).

Thanks also go out to tl_bahamut for pointing out a shop's contents that I'd forgotten to catalogue in Wellgarth. It's a confusing town but he made it simpler.