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This is the last full stage in the game, and it's actually quite fun and quite simple. You scale up the side of a castle, entering various rooms and dungeons. There is little sense of menace, and you can have a lot of fun flying around as Diddy in this stage. Puzzles now seem simplistic, and bonus games are really no harder than they were in the previous stage, making this one of the most enjoyable levels the game has to offer. Even better, there are teleport pads lined up in a row near the level's start, so you can warp around and finish this level quickly. Only the stage's boss annoys.

Donkey Kong

  • Near the start of the level is a large tree. To enter, shoot the coconut switch. Keep moving through and you'll find a huge pit. Swim to the platform in the water, and you'll cause targets to appear as you stand on it. Now you need to shoot the targets to cause the water to rise. After you've shot all the targets, you'll reach the golden banana. You'll have to dive into the water and find an exit now.
  • Start at the top of the tower, where the number 5 teleport leads. Start circling around as you head down. Hit the red switch, and keep moving down until you see a cloud in front of an open door. The cloud is a solid platform. Jump on it and enter the room. Inside, go to a room filled with books. There, kill a bunch of enemies to make a switch appear. Stomp it to reveal a new path. Go down it and find an invincibility barrel. By jumping into it, you can dash through flying books to where the golden banana appears.
  • Head to the area with all the tombstones. Now enter a huge, high door. You'll see a large skull attached to a wall. To its right is a switch you can shoot. After shooting it, enter and head first left, then right. Shoot the coconut switch you find there, and you'll be able to enter a room with some levers. Pull them in the proper order to open an area where you'll take a ghost ride. This ride is hard at first. Go at average speed most of the way through, and don't collect most of the coins until you're on the way back to the start (otherwise, you stand a good chance of losing them for nothing). If you arrive back at the start with 25 coins, you get a golden banana.
  • Enter the passageway near Candy's hut to find an isolated room. Stomp a tile you find there with Donkey Kong's face on it. In the next room you must stomp the switches so that they change around to form a picture of Donkey Kong's face, at which point in time you'll receive a golden banana.
  • In the area of the big tree, you can find a blueprint guardian. Defeat him for the blueprint. Snide will give you the golden banana, as usual.

Diddy Kong

  • Head up the wooden walkway towards the top of the castle from the 4th portal. Along the way, you'll find a switch Diddy can stomp to enter a new room. Go inside and find yourself on a checkered floor. Kill every enemy in the area and you'll find a jetpac barrel. Jump in the barrel and fly up to light the candles, which will reveal a barrel. Enter the barrel to win a golden banana.
  • Head right from Candy's music shop, up the castle walkway. Three red coins sit in front of a door. Enter it and find a switch that Diddy can stomp. Shoot the distant switch in the next area using sniping vision, then kill the enemey, then swing across on vines to reach a golden banana.
  • Fly to the top of the castle tower to find a bonus barrel. Enter and win a golden banana.
  • Enter the huge door near the tombstones. Inside, shoot the peanut switch to the left of the huge skull. Keep moving and shooting switches until you find a coffin. Charge the numbers in numerical order from 1 to 4, and you'll reveal a golden banana.
  • Inside the red door near the tombstones, you can find a blueprint guardian. Defeat him for a blueprint, which you can bring to Snide for a golden banana.

Tiny Kong

  • Near the 4th warp pad, Tiny can enter a room Diddy opened. There's a pad that takes her to a new area with a building. Jump onto the roof and find a shrink barrel, which will allow Tiny to enter the building and participate in a fairly challenging race. When she wins with 10 coins or more, she gets a golden banana for her trophy.
  • There's a circular little grain silo near the 4th teleport pad. Shrink and bounce off the mushroom to get on the silo's roof and be able to enter.
  • Near Candy's music shop and the character switch barrel, you can find a bonus barrel where you can win a golden banana. You have to take a flying jump and hope the ponytail whirl is enough to get you there.
  • Look for the building Lanky entered, in the area past the red door near the tombstones. Shoot the feather switch on the side of the building to enter, then head to the right to find a switch. Stomp the switch and hands will emerge from the liquid, which you can use to reach a golden banana.
  • There's a blueprint guardian near the tombstone area. Defeat him for the blueprint that you can take to Snide for a golden banana.

Lanky Kong

  • Near the top of the castle, Lanky can find a switch with his ugly mug on it. Stomp it to enter a room. Inside, there are several of the green foes disguised as ghosts. Beat them all, then use your scope to shoot the targets up above the room. Shoot them all and then use the pad that appeared (after you got the enemies) to inflate yourself and float up on the gusts of air you've created by shooting the targets. Atop that air is a barrel with a bonus game inside. Win it and you get a golden banana.
  • Stomp a switch to enter a greenhouse. Inside, dash to the end of the maze to find the golden banana.
  • Go to the underground room near Candy's Music Shop. Inside is a switch Lanky can stomp. Go to the new passageway and play music on the pad. Now platforms raise that will allow Lanky to float. Float from one to the next, inflating yourself each time so that you reach the far ledge where the banana waits. This takes some precision, but it's not really much harder than any other task this game has offered so far.
  • Enter the red door in the tombstone area. Go up a path and find a lone outbuilding with a grape switch on one side. Shoot the switch and enter. Now you'll see a grape switch and a barrel. Shoot the switch and jump in the barrel. Go down the path and play the trombone on the music pad, then swing across vines to the banana. You have to do most of this fairly quickly or you won't be able to reach the pad.
  • On the walkway leading up the castle, you can find a blueprint guardian that is hoarding a blueprint. Turn it in to Snide for the golden banana.

Chunky Kong

  • Head for the first large tree where Donkey Kong completes the barrel blast bonus stage. Enter and break down the wall to the left with a strong punch. Now go down the passageway and use the sniper vision to shoot the distant switch. Now you can get a golden banana.
  • Head to the greenhouse, and the small house nearby. Punch the door to enter, then break open the hut. There's a pad you can use to turn invisible. Do so, and kill all the bats in the room for your reward.
  • On the wooden walkway that leads up the castle, you can find a switch Chunky should stomp. Do so, then enter the room beyond. There's a huge platform in the middle. Jump on it and you'll see that one of the skulls hides a golden banana. Now go to the shields along the left wall. Super punch them from left to right to open another skull's mouth. It holds a boulder. Set the boulder on the platform and then you can get the golden banana.
  • Head into the red door in the tombstone area. Then find the huge skull and shoot the switch you'll find near it. Shoot the pineapple switch you find inside, and proceed to a room of coffins. Smash them all to find a bonus barrel and a chance to win a golden banana.
  • Find the blueprint guardian Chunky is seeking at the end of a trail of green bananas, near the third teleport. Take back the blueprints to Snide, and you can get a golden banana as a reward.

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