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The game takes a high-tech twist in this stage, which causes me to like it less than some levels. Some of the highlights include a copy of the old Donkey Kong arcade game, a race through a tunnel with a miniature car, and an amazing trip to the top of a whirling column. The bonus games are fairly simple at this stage, but they're starting to show signs of heating up. If you don't know what you're doing in this stage, you're going to spend a long time wandering aimlessly about in search of those last few golden bananas.

Donkey Kong

  • Near the testing room is a raised platform with sixteen numbers. When you stomp them, nail them in the order of 1 through 16. Then you have to do a special jump to reach the golden banana that appears.
  • Play the old Donkey Kong arcade game.
  • There's a room with a High Voltage sign outside. Turn on the banana and grab the golden banana.
  • A door in the production room opens fairly late in your journey through the level. When you see it open, enter the room, grab the invincibility, and run through garbage to collect a golden banana.
  • Up really high in the production room, there's a blueprint guardian that you can defeat to get a golden banana from Snide.

Diddy Kong

  • Use Diddy's spring move to reach the top of the tower made out of toy building blocks. Once there, play a bonus game to win that golden banana!
  • Teleport using the number 2 pad, play your music on the guitar pad that you find nearby, then enter the new room and ram the numbers in the order shown on the doors until you defeat all the monsters for your reward.
  • Down a pit near the research and development room, Diddy can slam a switch then swing across a gap to find a barrel with a bonus game, where he'll win the golden banana.
  • Teleport to the top of the production room using the number 4 teleport pad (one of the Kongs must climb up to activate the pad; Diddy is an excellent candidate for that job, as is Tiny), go over some belts, and find a pad that allows you to spring up to a barrel in order to play a bonus game for a golden banana for Diddy (Doneky Kong must have turned on the power in the room before you can do this).
  • A blueprint guardian waits at the base of the production room, and Snide will give you his usual reward when you return the piece.

Tiny Kong

  • In the room where there is the Donkey Kong arcade machine, Tiny can shrink and enter a small passage to find a golden banana.
  • The room with the block tower contains a shrink barrel and a small hole nearby. Enter the hole to find a rotating dart board. To the right of the dart board, there's a picture on a sign. Shoot that picture on the moving dartboard and the board will begin moving more quickly, as another picture appears on the sign. Shoot that image on the dartboard, and keep repeating until you win the golden banana.
  • Away from the R&D room, shrink and find a room with a little race track. Win the race to get your prize, the golden banana.
  • Tiny must smash a switch at the base of the production room, then use the number 4 teleporter and climb up some moving platforms, where she can find a barrel. Play and win that bonus game to find a golden banana to call your own.
  • A blueprint guardian paces around the base of one of the rooms. Tiny can defeat him to earn a blueprint she can give Snide for the golden banana she wants.

Lanky Kong

  • Climb up a duct using the handstand in order to free Chunky, then take the golden banana he leaves behind.
  • Playing the trombone in the R&D room opens up a room with a huge banana. Play the music in the order of the example several times, and you'll win a golden banana. Some of the tunes get rather long, but you can do it!
  • Find a pad for Lanky at the base of the room with the building blocks, and float to the top of the block tower to find a barrel that will allow the monkey to earn a golden banana if he wins the game.
  • On the floor of the production room is a switch Lanky can slam. Once he does that, he should teleport up using the number 4 teleporter, then handstand up some ducts to find his reward in the form of a golden banana.
  • In the R&D room, just up a ladder, there's a blueprint guardian meandering about. He'll be happy to give you a blueprint if you beat the snot out of him, and of course Snide will be pleased to give you a golden banana to reward your efforts.

Chunky Kong

  • Punch down a gate to find a room that has a switch with Chunky's face on it. Hit the switch and break a ? box, then stomp a switch and use the platforms that appear to reach the golden banana.
  • Chunky has to hit a switch at the base of the production room, then he must warp to the top using teleporter number 4. After that, he has to land on a moving platform (this is tricky, and you lose health if you miss), then work his way to the golden banana. If he doesn't hurry, his time will run out and he must teleport down to the switch, then repeat the process.
  • Just off the R&D room, find a gate and knock it down. Then play the triangle and enter a new room. There, Chunky must beat several simple enemies until they form a larger monster. You grow larger for this fight by entering a barrel, and you must outpunch the enemy. If you can't win, save this one for later when your life meter has grown.
  • Near the room where the Donkey Kong arcade game sits, you can find a gate to punch down. In that room, there's a bonus barrel. If you win, you get a golden banana.
  • In the room with all those toy building blocks, defeat the blueprint guardian to give to Snide in exchange for another golden banana.

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