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Yes, you want those giggling fairies. They unlock great game secrets and they increase your ammo and music supply. First you need the camera, which you can get by shrinking Tiny and having her enter the giant head-shaped island. When taking pictures, remember that if you take a picture from a medium distance, you'll be more likely to succeed. You can find 2 in each of the eight levels, as well as 4 in DK Isles. I've outlined their approximate locations in each area below.

DK Isles

  • There is a small island with a palm tree. A fairy waits on that island.
  • When you are in the entryway to the Frantic Factory stage, after you have Chunky, have him use his power punch to break apart the ? crate.
  • In the entryway to the Fungi Forest, you'll likely notice a feather switch high above the entry door, and to the right. Use Tiny's feather shots to hit the switch and release a shy fairy.
  • Walk around the base of K. Rool's huge boat and you'll find a teleport pad for Tiny. If she teleports to the top, she can find a hidden fairy.

Jungle Japes

  • Donkey must turn into Rambi the Rhino and bash open a crate that blocks a pathway (the crate has a silhouette of Rambi on it). This opens up a new path which leads to one of the fairies.
  • After Lanky pounds some pegs in one of the rooms and obtains a golden banana, a fairy will appear and pose for a snapshot.

Angry Aztec

  • Shoot a switch on the back of the building with the llama head on it. Enter and find a passageway where one of the fairies waits.
  • As Tiny, enter a building where you find a shrink barrel and two tiny passages. Enter one of the passages to find a fairy waiting inside.

Frantic Factory

  • A fairy will appear above Funky's Arsenal after Tiny receives a golden banana for winning the dart game.
  • A pathway branches off the large room with the building blocks. There's a fairy in there. You'll have no trouble finding it, as this is a path you're going to use quite frequently.

Gloomy Galleon

  • There is a sunken ship that all the Kong's can enter. They con only enter various portions, however. In the portion that only Tiny can enter, a fairy waits in a prison cell. She can snap its picture from outside the cell.
  • In the room with three Treasure Chests, Chunky should break them apart. One of the chests holds a fairy.

Fungi Forest

  • There's a house next to Snide's Headquarters that Diddy can enter at night. If he enters and wins a golden banana, a fairy will appear.
  • Donkey Kong must simian slam a ? box inside the building where he was rewarded a banana for playing Mine Cart Mayhem.

Crystal Caverns

  • Tiny can find a fairy in the big igloo after she wins a banana for stomping a moving switch on the floor (while avoiding a guy with a big club).
  • Behind a waterfall, Diddy can find a room where he must light several candles in order to win a banana. After he grabs the golden banana, a fairy will appear.

Creepy Castle

  • After Donkey Kong gets the golden banana from the big tree, a fairy should appear in the same general area.
  • Near the number 4 teleport is a room Diddy must unlock. If Tiny enters, she can find a teleport that will take her to a strange building. Just behind that building is a fairy.

Hideout Helm

  • You can find both fairies in one room here. It's the room that branches off from K. Rool's room. Either take a picture through the glass window there, or use the Nintendo and Rare coins to gain admittance and get a better shot.

That's it for the faeries! If you've collected all 20, you can now activate a cheat that allows you to have unlimited ammo and power crystals. It's very cool, but it comes a little late...

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