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Swirling sands and several temples make this a confusing area to navigate at first. Once you remember what buildings are in what section, though, you'll do just fine. There are some cool places to visit here, but you have to figure out some puzzles to get to the best of the bunch. In terms of gaining bananas, this one is actually harder than one first might think. The slide at the top of one building is one of the most challenging courses in the game.

Donkey Kong

  • One of the stage's main attractions is a building with a llama head on the door. In front of the building is a blast barrel which DK can enter to complete a bonus stage. Once he does, he'll free the llama and receive a golden banana.
  • After you free Lanky, get the golden banana he leaves behind.
  • There's a rotating pillar that Diddy must feed peanuts. Once that's done, switches appear on a nearby building. Donkey Kong should shoot one of those switches to open up an area of the building where he can attain a golden banana (after shooting more coconut switches once inside).
  • Once your friend the llama is freed, you can find a switch on the building with the lama head. Shoot the switch to enter, then find and stomp the switch. Outside, a door will open. Go towards the door. Nearby, there's a barrel that allows you to turn invincible. Do so, and walk into the cave you created. Inside is a banana.
  • Near the level entrance are two coconut switches you can shoot. They open up an area where a blueprint guardian is waiting, as well as an invincibility barrel. Use the barrel to walk across the sand and show the guardian who's boss. Take the blueprint that you win to Snide for your reward.

Diddy Kong

  • Once you've freed Tiny, a banana will appear in her former prison.
  • Diddy should find four gongs on an elevated platform. Charge them quickly and a building will appear. Now use his jetpac to fly up to the building's roof, where a golden banana is whiling away its days.
  • Fly to the top of a building with a red roof and hit Diddy's switch to start a pillar rotating at the center of one portion of the level. Fly over to the rotating pillar and feed it with shots from your peanut gun (hover near it and fire away) until it feels satisfied and makes switches appear on a nearby building. Enter the building and find the banana by shooting some switches.
  • There's a ring at the top of the huge column. Fly through it three times and you'll open a cage near Snide's Headquarters. A surly old bird there will present you with a challenge. If you win, a golden banana appears in that ring you just flew through.
  • Land on a building where you see a blueprint guardian. Defeat him and then take the blueprint to Snide for a golden banana.

Tiny Kong

  • Shoot the feather switch to gain admittance into the llama building. Find the shrink barrel and enter the small corridor nearby. There's a switch Tiny can hit to activate platforms that lead to a golden banana. When she leaves, she should leave through the number 2 teleport that is also in the room, so that Lanky can teleport here and defeat the blueprint guardian that frequents the area.
  • Like most of the DK crew, Tiny can also enter another building by shooting the feather switch that Diddy causes to appear when he feeds peanuts to the pillar.
  • Remember the tower that Diddy caused to appear when he hit the gongs? Nearby, there's a shrink barrel. Shrink, then stand on the music pad in front of the tower. Now, still small, play your saxophone to call Squawks the Parrot. He'll take you to the top of the tower and to a hole that leads to a sliding event. When playing the slide, remember to get ahead early and maintain that lead. Just don't rush. It's a very challenging course, but you should master it... in a few hours.
  • Go back to the building where Tiny was held captive. Inside, shrink using the barrel, then dive into the water and look for a little hole. Enter the tiny passage and swim through until you find a room full of enemies. Defeat them and the golden banana they hold will be yours.
  • In the platform that connects the levels two large areas, Tiny can find and defeat a blueprint guardian. Take the blueprints to Snide for another golden banana.

Lanky Kong

  • Go to the large building near Candy's Music Shop and shoot the grape panel on the side to gain admittance. Once inside, take a dive in the pool to find a chamber. Stomp on the switch on the ledge there, and a vulture appears. Shoot him a few times to gain the banana.
  • Inside the building with the picture of a llama, shoot some switches to find a room with a switch that you must stomp. This starts some panels twirling. Each panel makes a sound when you hit it. Your job is to match the panels by shooting two that make the same sound in a row. Keep doing this until you have matched all the pairs.
  • Play the trombone inside the building with the llama's head on it. Ledges will rise out of the water. Walk on Lanky's hands up to the top of that area, then jump in the barrel for a bonus stage and a golden banana.
  • Diddy feeds a rotating column and makes switches appear on the side of a building. Shoot the grape switch on the side of that building to enter, then shoot more switches until you find your way to a golden banana.
  • There's a blueprint guardian in the llama building. After Tiny has gotten her banana from the area, Lanky should enter and use the number 2 teleport. In that area, he'll find the blueprint guardian that he can defeat for Snide's usual reward.

Chunky Kong

  • Chunky should first shoot two pineapple switches near the level's entrance to activate a special room. In that room, there are several symbols at the middle of an island of sorts. Take the vases you see on the outer edges of the island, and set them on the corresponding symboles. The bombing bees in the area make this harder, but you can play your triangle and get rid of them for long enough to complete the task. Your reward is a golden banana.
  • Enter the building near Candy's Music Shop (where you freed Tiny) and find the music pad. Play the music to open up a passage. At the end of the passage, hit a switch and then defeat the enemies that appear in order to win a golden banana for Chunky.
  • Like the others, Chunky benefits when Diddy feeds the spinning pillar. Hit the pineapple switch that appears on the side of the building, then enter and shoot more switches to find a bonus round and a golden banana.
  • In the cavern near Cranky's Lab, you'll see a raised platform. If you jump on it, a cage lifts in another room to reveal a golden banana. But as soon as you get off, the cage lowers. The solution comes in the form of a Chunky barrel nearby. Jump in the barrel and grow large, then find the nearby boulder. Take the boulder to the switch and set it down using the 'Z' button. Now you can access the golden banana without worrying about the cage.
  • In the building you enter after Diddy causes the switches to appear, Chunky can find a blueprint guardian. Defeat the guy and take the blueprint you acquire to Snide for another golden banana.

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