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This first level is quite a bit of fun. None of the enemies are truly challenging, the puzzles are quite simplistic, and the atmosphere is nice, too. It's a great starting point. When you first come here, only Donkey Kong will be able to play. But as the others are freed, they need to come back here and collect items, too.

Donkey Kong

  • There's a golden banana near the top of the level, where Diddy is waiting.
  • Once you free Diddy, a golden banana will appear where he was held captive.
  • You'll find a tree near a boulder. Climb that tree to find some vines you can use to reach a ledge where a blast barrel stage awaits. Finish the stage to gain a golden banana.
  • When you find Rambi, smash all the huts to reveal a switch. Change back to Donkey Kong's usual form and stomp the switch to reveal a banana near the entrance to the area.
  • A blueprint guardian is in a passage near the place where you find Rambi. Defeat him to get a blueprint that you can return to Snide for a reward.

Diddy Kong

  • Shoot two peanut switches with the peanut gun to open a room where a golden banana waits.
  • When Donkey Kong has smashed the huts, you'll be able to find a switch Diddy can stomp. This activates a timer, and you have to reach a golden banana within that amount of time. To reach the banana, run to the number 4 teleporter, in the same area as the switch. Use the teleporter to reach the entrance of the area, then swim around to a vine lying against a rock wall. Climb up the vine. At the top, head left to the hole where the banana hides.
  • There's a huge, circular hill near the number 2 teleporter. Diddy should shoot a peanut switch to make a ledge extend out of that hill. Now climb up the ledge (circling around the hill) and enter a little cave. Inside, climb onto an overtunred minecart and shoot a peanut switch to make another pathway appear. Cross the pathway and stomp a green switch. Now leave the area and go to the base of the hill again. Shoot the peanut switch to extend the walkway again. Now climb up to the very top of the hill and find the waiting banana.
  • Once more, go to the number 2 teleporter and shoot the peanut switch to access that walkway. Now enter the cave again. This time, your objective is different. There is a fenced-in Klump. Charge the gate to break it down, then enter the area and charge the green switch that decreases the speed of conveyer belts. This will only decrease the speed for a while. Now run outside the fenced-in area, stomp another switch, run to the conveyer belts, and go to the top (before the time runs out). There, jump in a pipe to enter a mine cart bonus area. If you collect 50 coins, you win a golden banana.
  • Somewhere in all those winding passageways, you'll find a blueprint guard with the blueprint you need in order to get a golden banana from Snide.

Tiny Kong

  • Past a gate Diddy opened with his peanut switch, there's a feather switch. Shoot it to open up a gate leading to a bonus game. Win the game for a golden banana.
  • In the area where Cranky's Lab is built, Tiny can hit a switch that opens another gate. Like the others, she'll have to rush in order to reach the banana in time. Use the number 4 teleport pad, as usual.
  • Shoot two feather switches to unlock a gate. Enter the new room and use the barrel to shrink. Now enter the beehive and stomp the switch you find inside. Find and stomp yet another switch to gain a golden banana.
  • In the clearing where you found the beehive, shrink. Now jump onto a mushroom to get propelled onto a stump. While shrunk, you can drop into the hole for another golden banana.
  • There's a blueprint guardian in all those winding passageways. Once you find him and defeat him, take the blueprint to Snide for your reward.

Lanky Kong

  • Beyond a gate Diddy has already unlocked by shooting a peanut switch, you'll find a switch that Lanky must open with his weapon. This will open the path to a bonus barrel, where Lanky can win a golden banana.
  • In the passageways near Cranky's Lab, there's a steep hill that only Lanky can climb. A golden banana awaits.
  • Right near Cranky's Lab, there's a switch Lanky can trip. Now he should use the number 4 teleport pad, then swim across the water to land and the number 2 teleport pad. Use that pad to get close. Now you'll have to run the rest of the way to the gate, which is not far from where Diddy was locked away.
  • First have Diddy shoot a switch that is on a wall above a steep slope. Then use Lanky to climb up the slope and enter the newly opened passageway. In the room he'll find two pegs. Smash them down to gain a prize (there is a fairy here, too, after you collect the banana).
  • In the passageways, look for the blueprint guardian that is pacing near the steep slopes. Defeat him for the blueprint, which you can give to Snide for a golden banana.

Chunky Kong

  • Find a huge boulder sitting on a large 'X'. Pick it up and throw it for a golden banana.
  • After throwing the boulder, stomp the 'X' three times to open up a pit. In the pit, shoot the pineapple switches. One of those switches lowers vines that you can use to reach a golden banana.
  • Donkey Kong should have bashed away a crate that blocked a path when he was a rhino. As Chunky, go down that path and find a switch. Stomp the switch and run like crazy for the exit of the passages. Swim to the number 2 teleport, then run to the hole where the golden banana is waiting. This may take several attempts, as the banana is rather difficult to get in time.
  • In the area where Tiny found the beehive, Chunky finds a barrel that makes him grow large. As large Chunky, climg the enormous trees to find a bonus barrel. If he wins the bonus game, he receives a golden banana.
  • In the hole Chunky revealed by stomping the 'X', shoot the eyes to drop vines. One set of vines leads to a blueprint guardian. You should probably play your triangle to get rid of him so you can safely swing across (otherwise you'll likely get knocked in the pit). Once there, wait for him to reappear and then play the triangle again, or smash him. Take the blueprint to Snide for your reward.

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