Halo 2 Tournament!!!
February 15, 2006

I'll be hosting a Halo 2 Tournament if any of you guys are interested. Here's where:

2800 Hornet Drive (Haines City High School)
Room 227
Haines City, FL 33844
Friday, February 17, 2006
8:45 AM to either 10:10 AM or 1:50 PM
(depending on the circumstances)

Anyone is welcome to join. Matches will include Slayer and Team Slayer from 2 to 4 players.

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lasthero lasthero - February 15, 2006 (01:39 PM)
Eh. I don't feel like driving to Florida just so I can get stomped at Halo. Maybe next year.
Halon Halon - February 15, 2006 (08:35 PM)
If I start driving right now and don't stop I probably won't make it in time.
gmsephiroth gmsephiroth - February 16, 2006 (12:13 PM)
I know some players right here in Florida who won't drive ten minutes to make it, so don't feel bad...
johnny_cairo johnny_cairo - February 27, 2006 (02:26 AM)
It'd be a healthy 6.000 mile swim, but I'll pass.

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